Nestled in the Bay Area, Muir Woods is a breathtaking and historically rich destination that offers the perfect setting for couples looking to get married. Established in 1908, Muir Woods is home to old-growth coast redwoods, which are among the tallest and oldest living organisms on Earth. The serene beauty of this national monument has attracted countless visitors over the years, making it an ideal venue for your special day.

We adore photographing Muir Woods weddings, where nature's grandeur embraces the purest expression of love. The ancient trees, standing tall as witnesses to countless stories, imbue the atmosphere with a sense of wonder and awe. We're drawn to the powerful energy emanating from the forest, as it envelops and nurtures the union of two souls.

In the midst of the woods, love flourishes, and we are honored to capture these intimate moments. The forest's serenity heightens the couple's emotions, transforming their connection into an ethereal bond. As photographers, we strive to encapsulate this enchanting fusion of love and nature, creating timeless memories for the newlyweds to cherish forever.

If you're planning a short weekday Muir Woods wedding or an elopement and need a wedding photographer for just a few hours, we have a package designed specifically for that. We offer a variety of Muir Woods photography packages, with prices starting at $995. These packages include color-corrected images that will be uploaded to a password-protected online gallery for your family and friends to view, as well as for you to download.

Our packages provide coverage by one photographer at Muir Woods, with the option to add an additional location of your choice in San Francisco either before or after the ceremony. We don't limit the number of photos taken during the coverage time, and these packages can also be customized for marriage proposal photography or engagement sessions.

Please take a look at our Muir Woods portfolio and pricing options below.


Our basic package: This option covers your Muir Woods wedding ceremony, during which we'll capture the couple and their guests. You'll receive high-resolution images from the ceremony itself and five formal or posed images, all available for download.

1 HOUR PACKAGE | $1295

This expanded package includes everything offered in the basic Ceremony package, resulting in 150-250 images that capture the ceremony, candid moments before and after, and formal portraits if desired. All images will be available for download in high resolution.

2 HOURS PACKAGE | $1,795

For photography enthusiasts, this package is tailored just for you. With ample time at our disposal, we'll explore the hidden gems of Muir Woods. We'll venture down scenic trails, uncover captivating areas bathed in sunlight or reflected light, and capture stunning images on charming bridges, near tranquil lakes, and along picturesque stairways. Muir Woods offers boundless opportunities for creative expression.

4 HOURS PACKAGE | $2,795

This comprehensive package is ideal for couples seeking to document every cherished moment, from the preparations to the festivities. We will capture the intimate moments during the getting-ready phase, an additional location of your choosing, and even the joyful dinner celebration. Immortalize your special day with our all-inclusive photography experience.

Muir Woods wedding couple
Muir Woods Groom
Looking at the sun in Muir Woods
Wedding Ceremony at Muir Woods
Muir Beach Overlook Ceremony
Bride and Groom at Muir Woods 2
Mirror Image at Muir Beach Overlook
Sit Down Wedding Portrait at Muir Woods
LGBT Ceremony at Muir Woods
Admiring Muir Woods
Post Ceremony at Muir Woods
Hiding in Muir Woods
Muir Woods Bride
Muir Woods Ceremony 3
Evening in Muir Woods
Reading Vows at Muir Woods
Kissing on a Muir Woods Trail
Intimate Ceremony at Muir Woods
Muir Woods Vows
Group Portrait at Muir Woods
Walking Through Muir Woods
Bride and Groom at Muir Woods
Outdoor Portrait at Muir Woods
Couple and Officiant at Muir Woods
End of Wedding Ceremony Muir Woods
Bride at Muir Woods
Kissing at Muir Woods
Two Brides and Officiant at Muir Woods
Muir Beach Overlook Wedding Ceremony
Muir Woods Benches
Muir Woods Ceremony 2
Amongst Muir Woods Redwoods
Wedding Day Portrait at Muir Woods
Romantic Portrait at Muir Woods
Muir Woods Bridal Portrait 2
Passionate Kiss at Muir Woods
Muir Woods Groom 2
Wedding Decorations at Muir Woods
Wedding Ring at Muir Woods
Wedding Day Kiss in Muir Woods
Reading Wedding Vows at Muir Woods
Newlyweds at Muir Woods
Getting Married at Muir Woods
Bride Admiring Muir Woods
Muir Wood Steps
Same Sex Wedding at Muir Woods
Sunset Ceremony at Muir Beach Overpass
Muir Woods Couple
Muir Woods Bridge
Coming down the steps at Muir Woods
Taking a break at Muir Woods
Under the Redwoods at Muir Woods
Creative Portrait at Muir Woods
Happy Couple in Muir Woods
You May Kiss the Bride at Muir Woods
Groom Reading Vows at Muir Woods
Romantic Couple at Muir Woods
Admiring the Redwoods at Muir Woods
Bridal Portrait at Muir Woods
Walking up the stairs in Muir Woods
Two Brides at Muir Woods
LGBT Wedding at Muir Woods
Sun shining at Muir Woods Ceremony
Two Brides Walking in Muir Woods
Muir Woods Bridesmaids
Bride Reading Vows at Muir Woods
Muir Beach Ceremony
Muir Woods Trail
Among the Redwoods at Muir Woods
Wedding Kiss in Muir Woods
Loving Couple at Muir Woods
Bride at Muir Woods Ceremony
Wedding Toast at Muir Woods
Ring Exchange at Muir Woods
Muir Woods Wedding Vows
Happy Bride at Muir Woods
Officiant at Muir Woods
Couple with Family at Muir Woods
Wedding Decorations at Muir Woods 2

Below is a quick FAQ about our services.

Q: How many guests can we bring to Muir Woods?
A: 35 guests is the limit.

Q: Can we get married there on a weekend?
A: Only during off-season. You can't have a weekend wedding at Muir Woods from March 15th till October 15th. We generally recommend a weekday ceremony as Muir Woods can be very crowded on a weekend.

Q: Are there additional limitations?
A: It's a National Park! Plenty of limitations! You can get married there only before 10AM or after 4:30PM. You can't bring chairs. You can't host reception at Muir Woods unless you pick slightly different location.

Q: Can we combine Muir Woods package with engagement / pre-wedding photo session?
A: Yes, we can create a custom package for the single or multiple days.

Q: What if its rains?
A: If its light rain, you be surprised how beautiful photos may turn out. Otherwise, we can only cover a Ceremony and reschedule the rest of the session.

Q: Will photos be edited?
A: Yes. Basic editing included. Color correction, exposure, contrast and white balance. Some photos may be converted to BW if requested in advance. We also offer fine art editing A-la-Carte.

Q: Can you be our witness?
A: Yes. Just ask.

Q: Can we print the images?
A: Yes. As long it is for personal (non commercial use).

Q: Can we split the coverage and have you photograph our dinner reception in the evening?
A: Yes. You can split the time with minimum of four hours of coverage (otherwise there is a $100 split fee). Ex: Three hours during the day to cover the Ceremony and additional location for portraits and one hour to cover the reception.

Q: How do we get the photos?
A: You will have 30 days to download them from secure online gallery. You will be responsible to back them up. We recommend making multiple copies on a DVDs and hard drives. We will not delete the photos but can not be responsible for the them after you have downloaded them.

Q: Do you provide transportation?
A: You can drive with us although our car is packed with equipment so it might not be the most comfortable ride. Additionally, We may not be able to bring you back home.

Q: Where should we meet?
A: We can meet by Muir Woods National Monument Visitors parking.

Q: Can we book you for a marriage proposal photos or for engagement session?
A: Yes, we can extend proposal and engagement packages to Muir Woods.

Q: Can we get married at Muir Beach Overlook?
A: Yes, it's an amazing spot with ocean views but it is a different location.

Within the enchanting Muir Woods, various trails await exploration, each presenting unique opportunities to capture breathtaking photographs that immortalize the magic of your special day.

1. Main Trail Loop:

This accessible and well-traveled path takes you through the heart of the majestic redwood groves. The towering trees create an awe-inspiring backdrop for romantic portraits, with sunlight filtering through the canopy, casting dappled light upon the forest floor. The lush greenery and serene atmosphere make this trail ideal for intimate and dreamy photographs.

2. Hillside Trail:

A more challenging route, the Hillside Trail rewards those willing to venture off the beaten path. This trail provides an elevated vantage point, showcasing stunning panoramic views of the forest. The ethereal mist often clinging to the treetops adds a mystical quality to your photos, creating a unique and enchanting atmosphere.

3. Fern Creek Trail:

The Fern Creek Trail is a picturesque journey along a babbling creek, with an abundance of lush ferns and moss-covered rocks lining the path. This trail offers the perfect setting for whimsical and magical photographs, as the couple appears to be enveloped in a verdant fairy tale world.

4. Dipsea Trail:

Venturing further into Muir Woods, the Dipsea Trail leads you to some truly breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The dramatic cliffs, sweeping vistas, and diverse vegetation create a dynamic backdrop for captivating photographs that showcase the couple's adventurous spirit.

Each trail within Muir Woods presents its unique charm, providing ample opportunities for creating extraordinary and memorable photographs. The variety of backdrops and settings ensures that your wedding photos will be a true reflection of the beauty and essence of this natural wonderland.