One picture isn't worth a thousand words.

We all heard the original phrase and accepted it long time ago. In a way it's brilliant, catchy and inspiring. It makes people (young and old) to pick up their cameras and start capturing the world around to express themselves in a creative way that does not require words to be spoken.


And yet as a wedding photographer with years of experience, I can honestly state: a true story cannot be told by a single picture, not even by a dozen - instead, it needs to be carefully written. Written by imagination, intellect, vision and human touch. And a of course with a decent camera in hands.


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Wedding photography is inexpensive considering it's long term value.

Yes, a typical wedding photography value compared to it's price is one of the least expensive things on Earth. And it's because memories are timeless. The outcome of a wedding photographer’s work can literally last generations and will serve your family, children and grandchildren. There aren't many things in life like this.


So when you are choosing your wedding photographer, keep in mind that you are investing in memories.


The following information will help you understand the wide range of wedding photography options, making it easier to find the right match. We have put together several examples, representing the range of styles and approaches used today. A basic understanding of these styles will save you plenty of time when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer.

Traditional Style

The history of wedding photography starts with a traditional approach. This is the timeless style that you’ve probably seen time and time again. The hallmark of this style is carefully posed photographs of the key moments. Benefits: The traditional wedding photographers usually use a planned “shot list”, which means you’ll get all the important images. Drawbacks: The photographer virtually becomes a “wedding official,” directing the wedding party and guests according to a pre-planned list. This approach is very time-consuming, and as a result, the bride and groom end up spending less time with their guests.

Documentary Style

The contemporary style is also known as photo reportage and documentary approach, photojournalism has become a very popular style, used by many best wedding photographers, features a series of candid photos covering the entire day. Benefits: wedding photojournalism gives you a series of unique images aimed to “tell the story” of your wedding day. Drawbacks: There is no pre-planned “shot list,” only the photographer’s instincts; images are unpredictable. Low levels of available light may cause some pictures to look grainy. The couple may regret the absence of traditional, posed portraits in their album.

Editorial Style

Unlike Wedding Photojournalists, the editorial style photographers place the subjects in certain settings to take advantage of good lighting, specific location or backgrounds. Then, once the scene is set, the couple and their party are free to be themselves, and this results in a more spontaneous feel. Unlike the photojournalistic style, editorial photography takes advantage of the photographer’s artistic judgment rather than capturing a series of moments. This style often used by the engagement photographers. However, when it comes to capturing decisive moments, this style can not be used.

From our clients

“We spent hours looking through his wedding photos. There is something special about them. They don’t just capture the typical wedding poses. He captures moments, feelings, memories. When you look at them you feel like you’re inside the moment, experiencing it alongside the wedding party.”

“As I watched Joseph’s slideshow, my heart surged with the music and each flowing image. His shots compiled a universal story, of anticipation, of contemplation, of great change, and of course, of love. There was urbanity, movement, joy, and humor in the shots. Yes, it is possible to capture all of that in stills. Joseph is an artist who composes those moments in unique ways.”

“Joseph of IQ photo has the best emotional and intellectual approach to wedding photography…he is incredibly creative, innovative and spontaneous…I am still amazed that he goes all out for every wedding. His work becomes original and fresh at every wedding. He’s always stretching his artistic range. His wedding pictures are always fresh, exciting, dramatic, and especially, interesting and fun to look at!”