Creating a story for future generations

Welcome to IQphoto, a San Francisco based destination wedding photography studio.

We don't just take photos or capture moments - we create a unique visual story.


One picture isn't really worth a thousand words.

We all heard the original phrase and accepted it long time ago. In a way it's brilliant, catchy and inspiring. It makes people (young and old) to pick up their cameras and start capturing the world around to express themselves in a new, creative way that does not require words to be spoken.


And yet as a wedding photographer with years of experience, I can honestly state: a true story cannot be told by a single picture, not even by a dozen - instead, it needs to be carefully written. Written by imagination, intellect, vision and human touch. And a of course with a decent camera in hands.

Wedding photography is inexpensive considering it's long term value.

Yes, a typical wedding photography value compared to it's price is one of the least expensive things on Earth. And it's because memories are timeless. The outcome of a wedding photographer’s work can literally last generations and will serve your family, children and grandchildren. There aren't many things in life like this.


So when you are choosing your wedding photographer, keep in mind that you are investing in memories. And memories can be priceless.