San Francisco Proposal Photography

If you landed on this page, you either going to propose and need someone to capture the moment for you. Thank you for visiting and congratulations: smart decision! The wedding proposal is one of the few things in life that should be professionally photographed. And while hiring a professional photographer may look as going a little overboard, the moment is priceless and should be captured.

There two ways to capture the proposal.

You can choose the location and we will come up with a photography plan. Or...we have a complete plan with Golden Gate Bridge in the background. We've worked out all the pitfalls and all you need to do is to follow simple instructions and you will get a nice set of photos.

Or of course you can plan it yourself and send us the instructions (map pin, timeline, etc.,). The fee is not going to be higher if the proposal doesn't involve special preparations. To be precise the fee is $300 for a weekday proposal. Add $100 for a weekend session.

Unlike any other type of photography, proposal photography involves elements of secrecy, surprise and can not be fully controlled. Therefore, it needs to be carefully planned. Sometimes it goes to the extent of what exact angle and at what particular point your body should be aligned for a perfect shot. There are a lot of factors to consider. One is for the photographer to be near you without raising suspicions of your bride-to-be. Another is bystanders who can suddenly block the shot. Even how far you extend your hands or what are your height differences can be a factor. And these are just a few examples.

Images below represent actual (not staged) proposals.

BASIC PROPOSAL | $300 ($400)

We charge $300 to capture the actual proposal (the moment) on a weekday ($400 on a weekend). Images will be uploaded to a password protected gallery at no additional charge. You can share the photos with your friends and family and download them in high resolution. 30 minutes safety window included.

DELUXE PROPOSAL | $500 ($600)

As with basic package, we will capture the actual proposal but will also spend few additional minutes with you to create a gallery of posed or semi-posed professional engagement photos. As with the previous package, you will be able to download the actual proposal as well as five additional posed images. 30 minutes safety window included. Add $100 for a weekend.

PREMIUM PROPOSAL | $800 ($900)

The Premium Package is our most popular option. It includes the photography of the actual proposal as well as additional time to capture the excitement and take number of portraits. Clients will be able to download the actual proposal as well as 25 additional posed photos. The whole experience will last roughly one hour. Add $100 for a weekend.