IQphoto FAQ

Q: What is your wedding photography style?

A: Artistic wedding photo-journalism is our preferred style. However if needed, we can offer a creative documentary or editorial style wedding photography.

Q: What type of equipment do you use?

A: We use high-end DSLR equipment with pro lenses.

Q: What is your attitude?

A: Calm, respectful of you and your guests, mostly behind the scenes but giving clear directions if needed.

Q: Do you have travel, location or setup fees?

A: We don’t charge for travel within 50-70 miles.

Q: Do you mark the proofs?

A: No

Q: Do we have to sign a contract?

A: Yes

Q: Can we see the contract prior to making a decision?

A: Yes

Q: Do we get an online gallery?

A: Yes

Q: Should we meet before booking you?

A: No but it depends on complexity of your wedding.

Q: Can our friends order photos online?


Q: How long should we wait until we can see our photos?

A: 4-6 weeks

Q: What type of albums do you offer?

A: I offer multiple type of albums. Clients are welcome to stop by and review them.

Q: How long does it take to get the album?

A: 3-6 months

Q: Can we have a high resolution files?

A: Yes

Q: Do you offer photography in San Francisco City hall?

A: Yes

Q: Do you work with assistant?

A: It depends on the complexity of the job. This is discussed before booking.

Q: Do you offer engagement photography?

A: Yes

Q: Do you offer rehearsal dinner coverage?

A: Yes

Q: How much extra for destination weddings?

A: I charge standard travel fees on top of the package.

Bride and Groom in the Evening Rome
Couple walking at SF Civic Center
Couple by the car
Two Brides Getting Ready
Waterfall at Indian Wedding
Father Giving Bride Away
Weekend Wedding at SF City Hall
Indian Wedding
Preparations for a Wedding
Bride at the Reception
City Hall Grand Staircase
Engagement Photo
Indian Bride Getting Ready
Groom at the Legion of Honor Museum
Bride getting ready
Baraat on a Boat
Battery Chamberlin couple portrait
Bride Dancing at SF City Hall
Double Exposure SF City Hall Couple
Illuminated Rotunda at SF City Hall
Groom's mother trying to sneak a photo
Silhouette Photo of Two Brides
Bride Walking Towards the Chuppah
Bride and Groom with Attendants
Wedding Photo at Golden Gate Bridge
same-sex wedding
Muir Beach Overlook Ceremony
San Francisco City Hall 4th floor portrait
Wedding Toast
Evening in Downtown San Francisco
 Indian Wedding at Castello Di Amoroso
Couple with Cable Car
Bride and Groom Outside the Fairmount Hotel
Double Exposure
Wedding Day Kiss
Bride's Parents
Indian Couple on the Swing
Walking Outside San Francisco Fairmount
Classic Car at an Indian Wedding
Sunset Ceremony at Muir Beach Overpass
Bride and Groom After the Chuppah
Jewish Wedding
Rice Throwing at Indian Wedding