The Moon-view Gardens Wedding

In the beginning of the pandemic I was pretty optimistic. I couldn’t wrap my head around long term impacts of the coronavirus. I accepted the fact that this year is going to be a miss and moved on but to my surprise many couples decided to have smaller weddings this year. Most of them are planning much bigger events after the pandemic is over so I am sure 2021 will be a good year. Meeting couples like Tarah and David that were not able to meet due to border closure in the early stage of the pandemic but nevertheless moved forward with planning their wedding really made my day. And I got to discover the Moon Viewing Gardens at the Botanical Gardens in San Francisco. That particular area is a GEM! I loved it. The fact you can get married on a little deck above the artificial lake is amazing by itself inside the city limits but it also offers a safe social distancing. In the photos you can see the guests separated from the couple and yet all have a great view of their ceremony.