Top 10 Most Published Studios in the World

We just got some great news. Two Bright Lights has picked IQphoto as one of the top most published wedding photography studios in the world with over 35,000 participants.


Rupa + Shawn


Rupa and Shawn had an amazing two-day wedding at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel. It was an outstanding celebration of love with unbelievably beautiful Indian ceremonies and great performances, vivid and bright costumes and accessories. This wedding was a perfect blend of bride and groom’s families, their friends, great music, food, dancing, and love. And we enjoyed meeting many of our previous clients.

Our newlyweds met through a mutual friend, Sheel, who is Shawn’s best friend from growing up in Pittsburgh. When Sheel was visiting San Francisco he purposely introduced them to each other. And it didn’t take them to long to feel the romantic connection and start dating. Despite the two-year theory about dating, that Rupa remembered from psychology class, it only took a couple of days for her to realize that Shawn is the one, she was waiting for.  Shawn proposed to her in the same place, where they had their first date. He rented out the whole restaurant, called La Mochica in San Francisco and put a ring on her finger in front of their big family and close friends.

Rupa and Shawn love absolutely everything about each other and they are each other’s biggest fans. They always make each other laugh and enjoy spending time together. They both love football, reality TV, and they both are very family oriented. They always stay true partners in marriage and try to support each other in every possible way.


They also chose IQ Videography for their video,
Purvi Shah as a wedding planner,
Tamanna Roashan and Lavina Shah for make up and hair,
DeYoung Flowers for floral arrangements,
Gagan Virk for Lighting,
Sakoon Restaurant, Chandni Restaurant for catering,
Fairmont San Jose for Hotel.

Lisa + Tuan

If you ever wonder what happens to high school sweethearts after graduation, then here is the story. It might sound like a fairy tale, but for Lisa and Tuan it became a true story of their lives. Tuan and Lisa met in the middle school. He was in the 8th grade and Lisa was in the 7th . They shared friends and hobbies and always had a great time together. So they started hanging out. One day Tuan came over to her house and asked her to be his girlfriend. Yes! Just like that. They have been together ever since, Lisa even remembers the exact time – November,5th 1996, 9:48pm. Since then for long seventeen years they always stayed beside each other, they laughed and cried together and seen each other through their best and worst and everything in between. They have a history together full of shared memories that keeps them close. “We are so much a part of each other and part of our happiness that it’s impossible to imagine our lives without each other. We are deeply, truly in love and happy we are spending the rest of our lives with each other”- says Lisa.

Just like in high school, Tuan surprised Lisa, and proposed in front of her family. During a family dinner with Lisa’s family, he unexpectedly got on one knee and told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loved and asked her to marry him. Lisa said -“Yes!”

This year they have finally celebrated the love they shared for the past seventeen years and have had a beautiful wedding. Lisa and Tuan are a fun and silly couple. They are happily married and have lots of fun and tons of funny, special, unique episodes to share. And no matter where they go, or whatever they do, they are always beside each other. And that’s what makes all those moments unforgettably wonderful, what makes them complete.

Despite living in Sacramento, most of the vendors for the wedding were from San Francisco. Got Light from SF provided the celebration with lighting and draping, and it came out amazing. They decided to go with us to capture the most important day of their lives, and Light Bulb for Videography, because they are big fans of their Gangnam style music video. They have also invited a famous singer Lam Truong from Vietnam and another well-known performer Anh Minh from Thuy Nga. The You Tube sensation Gerald Ko, V-star finalist Nguyen Tan Bao and Steven Mai were also there for the guests entertainment. Classic Party rentals did their White Dance Floor and Sarah Hanna-a calligraphy artist from Napa Valley, drew out a custom monogram. Savvy was their florist and did an outstanding job on the flowers. They rented the RV party bus from Mix Master in Sacramento, Chivari chairs and linens from Celebrations and Invitations and menus from Beacon Lane on Etsy. Bartenders and cocktail servers were from A perfect Pour LLC. All of these great companies made this celebration unforgettably wonderful!



Fiona + Johnny

The most romantic and adventurous couple we have ever seen, Fiona and Johnny had a perfect wedding. By saying adventurous we mean really spontaneous and outrageously fun couple. Their guests still talking about their wedding till this day. It was a perfect wedding, a wedding every girl dreams of, with a gorgeous dress and beautiful outdoor ceremony. Even the weather was on their side and instead of heavy rain according to forecast it pleased them with crisp fresh and sunny summer day.

The proposal was so unique, that it’s hard to imagine how one could ever have thought of this. Johnny proposed on beautiful sunny islands of Hawaii on their eleventh anniversary. They were swimming with dolphins and he had it all arranged and well planned out. Toward the end of the swim, the trainer whistled and the dolphin swam a little box with a shiny ring to Johnny. Johnny took the container, opened it, took the ring out and proposed in the water with everyone around. Somebody has even recorded it for long lasting memories. Fiona was absolutely astonished and said -“Yes!”

That’s what happens when you fall in love from first sight. They met in high school trough a mutual friend. Johnny knew it was a love of his life. Fiona, on the contrary was skeptical, because of Johnny’s player reputation. But over a few weeks his charming personality and good looks, of course, won Fiona’s heart. They have been thirteen years since then. And stayed beside each other in best and worst times. No matter how far they are from each other, their hearts beat together!

“We have a really good relationship. Most of the time we see eye to eye and if not he knows I’ll give him a black eye”- jokes Fiona. They both love animals and have five dogs at home. They love to live bright and have fun and play jokes on each other. But on a serious note says she -“We have the best relationship. He tries to give me everything I ask for, and I try not to nag too much”. And they are deeply truly happy they found each other.

As their vendors they chose us for engagement and wedding photos, Spintronix for wedding coordinator and DJ, and Sift Cupcakes for the cake, Virginia from S&V Collections for flowers, decorations and bouquets.

Crystal Springs Burlingame

Incredible weddings of Incredible people at Incredible place.

I’ve probably mentioned this before but we’ve been truly blessed with our clients. Every year I think: “It can’t get any better”… But it does!
This year we covered countless weddings and made so many new friends, added new team members and full of energy to continue into 2014.
Below is a little City Hall collection made from a couple of recent weddings that took place at this amazing venue. These images can probably describe our style of photography better than our words.

Tanvi + Shyam

It was June 12, 2009; Faisal had two extra tickets of baseball. He invited his friends Tanvi and Shyam. They both were unaware of the fact that this is going to be the night they won’t forget ever. Faisal was their mutual friend and they had not met before. In their very first meeting, they knew that there is something “worth pursuing” between them. It has now been four and a half (4.5) years and since then they never stopped seeing each other. They developed a sole understanding between them; within the first three months (since they started dating) she went to Italy with him for his friend’s wedding. Travelling together is a true test for any couple and they passed it with distinction. They had loads of fun over there. And this all resulted in falling for each other. Yes, they were truly, madly deeply in love.

Since then, they have been to different destinations like Portugal, Morocco, NYC, Hawaii, London and many more are still on their list. They actually love travelling with one another. Tanvi loves the fact that Shyam is so passionate about music, though he has a great career in finance. And Shyam loves what she loves; her career in pediatric cardiac ICU RN. Also that she is an independent woman. That’s why they had labeled everything at the wedding as Nurse T and DJ Shyamroc. Taking long walks on Embarcadero, eating good food in the city and tasting wine and beers are the stuff they love to do together.

One day Shyam took her to her favorite restaurant “La Mar” on Embarcadero. They had some cocktails at the bar in the beginning and then they went out for a walk on the pier. They sat down at the bench. The view was considerably beautiful and Shyam got the right time to propose her. After the dinner, Shyam arranged a romantic surprise for her at her place. Altogether it was a wonderful night for both. They had such an incredible time at their wedding. Everything went well. The staff at Casa Real and all of vendors did a tremendous job carrying out things exactly the way they had planned.

The most complements were given to them were for the food and the decor and of course their awe-inspiring wedding CD favors. Shyam and Tanvi would like to convey their gratitude to their friends and family who supported them on their big day. Without their love and concern, they wouldn’t have been able to come up with such happiness in their lives.ntent here.

Needless to say we were honored to photograph their beautiful Indian Wedding at Casa Real.

01_Casa Real 02_Casa Real II   The vendors employed in their wedding were. Venue: Casa Real Flowers: The Flower House- Jinger did amazing work with the flowers. Tanvi’s mom did the bridesmaid and her bouquets. Chivalry chairs: Prime Party Rentals Tents: Special Events Lighting: Fantasy Sounds Music and setup: DJ Akuyt Wedding Cake: Cake delight