Ken + Inder | Intimate City Hall Wedding

Not too long ago our team had a chance to work with a great couple, and share a magical moment in the lives of Ken and Inder.

After twelve long years Ken and his partner Inder, were finally able to celebrate their love and officially be a couple. They got married right after the Supreme Court announced Proposition 8 unconstitutional and ruled to uphold the freedom to marry for California in June, last year. Ken and Inder found each other online and from the start they felt a strong connection.

“After our first date at the desert place called Sweet Inspiration on Castro, I remember myself calling a friend”- says Ken – “this is it, it might be the one”. And Inder had the same warm feeling of romantic connection with Ken.

They shared their big day with family and friends. Along with their mothers and sisters and their two kids, an eight-year old son and seven-year old daughter, they have also invited a family friend Kamala Harris. She has been a close friend for many years since they were kids.

Last year, in June 2013 Kamala Harris – an Attorney General of California, declared that the same sex couples can marry legally in California. And that was also Kamala, who officially married Ken and Inder. Having their childhood friend marrying them was especially meaningful to the newly weds. Here is what Ken says right after the marriage ceremony – “It was a long journey, but was worth every moment to feel how incredible and magical it was to say – “We are married now”.

Ken and Inder have both been actively participating for marriage equality and for greater quality for LGBT for many years. They are helping in adoption circle for LGBT parents as well. Their kids also belong to a school organization, where other families have two moms or two dads. The kids are absolutely open to the organization, and, are active members of the Community.

As a president of AT&T California, Ken has a tight schedule and a busy life style. His partner works as a dermatologist, and always tries to stay well organized. This brings a perfect balance into their relationship. “This makes our life together organized, but fun at the same time. We are a perfect match, and knowing that full marriage equality is more than just a word, and is open for gay and lesbian couples gives us a real feel of joy and respect”-says Ken.


Camille + Bill | Palace Hotel Wedding

In a little over than one hundred years after her great-grandparents, Camille and her fiancé Bill were married in a magnificent French Catholic Church of Notre Dame Des Victoires. Except beautiful architecture and interior with sky rising ceilings and red marble columns, this building has historic significance for both of their families. Camille is a fourth generation San Franciscan and Bill’s family is also from the Bay Area. Bill’s great-grandparents were married in this church in 1921, and his parents continued the tradition in 1973.

No one remembers when it has started for Camille and Bill, but they have been best friends since childhood. They met as young children through Bill’s cousin, who is also Camille’s good friend. It was always fun spending time together, hanging out with each other. But they didn’t think it could become something serious until 2007, when they realized that, they are true soul mates and can’t live without each other.

Camille and Bill have their own little tradition. They love Halloween, and always plan a silly coordinating couple’s costume. For Halloween 2012 Bill surprised his beloved girlfriend getting on one knee and pulling out a ring box from his Ghillie suit. He asked her to be his wife. Camille said yes and made him the happiest man in the world. But she had to re-do her under-eye camouflage make-up, of course, before they went to celebrate, but that’s a history now.

As a homage to their engagement, and because they love Halloween so much, the late night portion of Camille and Bill’s wedding was an early Halloween party, complete with costumes. All the guests were brought together by some “Thriller” moves on the dance floor in the Garden Court at the Palace Hotel, where the couple had their reception.

The Palace Hotel is a part of family tradition as well and, is a historic landmark for both families. Camille’s mother and father celebrated their marriage at the Palace Hotel in 1973, almost 41 years to the day before Camille and Bill did the same. In addition, Camille’s grandparents met at the Palace Hotel at USO-sponsored dance in 1939.

Under the bright light of chandeliers in the beautiful Palace Hotel family and friends raised their glasses for the great traditions and wished all the best in the world for the newlyweds.

Palace Hotel WeddingCamille and Bill married at the Palace Hotel in SF03

Jonathan + K.C. | Annadel Estate Winery

They met in the third year of law school. They were introduced in the hallway by a mutual friend, and Jonathan quickly followed up by texting “so… who’s your cute friend?” After dating throughout the year, the two finally figured out how seriously involved they were. Amidst studying for the Bar, the most grueling legal test, their bond flourished. From that point on, things moved pretty quickly. K.C. asked Jonathan to move to Mississippi with her, and after spending enough time in a tiny trailer in an unfamiliar town, they figured that they didn’t want to be anywhere else but there, with each other!

They have a very warm and compassionate relationship that is also silly and playful. They are both multi-faceted people with many varied interests – listening to and playing music, doing just about anything outdoors – hiking, biking, backpacking, swimming, creating art, traveling, cooking, writing. Actually, they just got back from a trip to the exciting country of Morocco! Together they have moved halfway across the country to live in a trailer in Mississippi, were gone traveling for eight months – backpacking around Southeast Asia, Central America, and South America. All of this helps to make their relationship an ever-growing and changing thing, allowing them to grow and experience new things individually and together. And now they have moved into their first home and are braving the inevitable “get a real job” stage.

December 20th proved to be a magical day in the lives of K.C and Jonathan.

K.C. never saw it coming… Dragging her to the city under the false pretense of picking up a Christmas gift for his mother -Jonathan asked her to wait on a bench outside an ice cream shop. It was the same bench, where they would take study breaks and eat ice cream-it was where they first said- “I love you” to one another. Jonathan went in to use the restroom at the ice cream shop where his brothers were waiting with a suit, flowers, and balloons. A few minutes later he stepped out and boom! Things were never the same for the two. It was truly a magical day! They have had such an overwhelming number of people say how much they loved every aspect of it. They could not have imagined it going any better, say they today.

The venue for their wedding reception was great-nestled in Sonoma Valley, it had everything-a barn, a great tented lawn for dinner, ruins for the ceremony and dancing, a heirloom rose garden, and a layout, that tied all these things together seamlessly.

The ceremony felt sincere and personalized, incorporating aspects of both of the bride and the groom. The dinner was delicious. The band was rocking, cranking out old soul tunes and modern pop. The desserts were unbelievable. And of course the guests were wonderful. The youngest guest was Jonathan’s niece, their now-goddaughter, who was two weeks old…

annadel estate winery wedding

Here are some of the vendors they chose for their wedding:

Alicia K Designs,

Park Ave Catering,

Wine County Rentals,

Anything She Wants (Band),

Creative Lighting SF,

us for photography.

Hannah + Clinton | SF City Hall

Just like two poles of a magnet, like East and West, or cold and heat, Hannah and Clinton are so different, but they make each other whole, make each other complete. Their personalities are almost completely opposite, but they balance each other in a great way. Clint has a sharp, wit and great sense of humor. He is very grounded, introverted, loyal and kind. He is a great thinker and a decision-maker. He makes Hannah laugh every day. Hannah, on the contrary, is caring and accepting with big open heart. She makes positive impression on everyone she meets.

These two opposites got attracted to each other after they met in a small Italian place, where Hannah worked as a waitress. They met on Saturday, when Hannah was the only waitress working, and there was no other customers in the restaurant. So they had a chance for a nice and long conversation. After several more lunches in the restaurant, Clinton and Hannah exchanged contacts. And not long after that they started dating.  It wasn’t until a month into the relationship, when Hannah learned that her boyfriend was referred to meet her by his dad. Clint’s father was Hannah’s customer, and couldn’t help but introduce them to each other, and he was right. They made a great couple! Fun and crazy, in a good way, of course! They are both very creative and daring. Hannah has very soft hair and she lets Clinton play with it whenever he wants. She used to always say that she would love to shave her head, just for fun. To make her prove that she wasn’t bluffing, Clinton offered to cut it for her, and what do you think? She let him do that. Her hair was very long, and it took so much time to grow it back, but it was worth it!

Hannah went through massage therapy school and started a master’s program in the time they’ve been together. Clinton has always had a busy schedule too. So they have to work around changing their work schedules to spend some time together. Although they are so different, they want the same from their lives together, and they only grow closer over time.

They have been together since 2009. But like in every love story, there were happy and sad moments in their lives. After three years in relationship, they decided to break up. They haven’t been together, but shared a “custody” of their two dogs. After being apart for almost a year, they realized that they still loved each other and that they are definitely meant to be together. They got engaged in the summer of 2013. And here they are! They had a lovely wedding ceremony in the San Francisco City Hall. Originally, they were thinking of planning a large wedding in Gainesville, Florida, where they live. But a few days before reserving the ceremony venue, they decided that all of the planning and financial expenses would be too overwhelming. They decided to elope to somewhere exciting and have their wedding adventure together, instead. They were very relived when both of the families have supported their choice, and planned the whole wedding trip in a week!

“We knew that we would need great photography in order to share our day with family back home!”-said Hannah. And our team was honored and happy to be a part of their big day and witness the beginning of their adventure together!