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They were both raised in the Bay Area, Northern California amidst a population of more than eight million other people. The odds of not finding each other, falling in love and entering into marriage were definitely high. But they found each other.

This love story is attributed to the office romance. They managed to co-exist in close proximity to one another, despite, an undeniable chemistry between the two of them. From being co-workers they became true friends. Their friendship in time grew into something even more special.

They are best friends, true companions by definition. P and N have a number of special friends, but when the other is around, their relationship transforms into something more special and indefinable. This undeniable chemistry that exists, enables them to achieve their desires. The great wine collection of theirs helps too! Also, P. is a huge hockey fan, and Sharks are her favorite team. Can you believe, she introduced her future fiancé to hockey on the first date!

Most people do not know, but they planned the Hindu ceremony, Catholic ceremony, reception, festivities and various logistics leading up to the wedding in less than four months! Why wait? Coincidently, we were the first vendor they booked.

During their Catholic ceremony, the priest almost omitted the key symbolism of marriage, the Exchanging of the Wedding Rings. N reminded him just before the signing of the license, Father humbly acknowledged to which he gestured to the organist to stop playing. Rings were exchanged. Father indicated to all present that the “oversight” has never occurred to him, performing over hundreds of marriages. N’s two-year old nephew Charlie took his role as Ring Bearer seriously, demonstrating “resolve and piety” in his duties displayed for all on the altar. After that was an Indian wedding ceremony tradition, called Baarat, when the groom’s side dances their way to the venue, and the groom rides on a horse or elephant. N, mindful of his Italian heritage, rode in on 483 Horses-blue Ferrari California Convertible. It was an awesome surprise!

N proposed to P. in Italy, in the seaside town Polignano a Mare, Apulia, Province of Bari at the romantic and majestic cave restaurant, the Grotta Palazzese, a natural preserved cave formation turned into a restaurant. He executed his plan with poise and precision. She thought she was accompanying him to Southern Italy on a short business trip, in the region of his surname. He said, “P., one day you will take my last name, ‘Mastrangelo,’ so, you should come with me because I want you to see the region where it originates.” He was serious. What happened next, P. remembers vividly, like it was yesterday. It was one of the most magical and the happiest time in their lives.

This is how P. remembers that wonderful day-“The moonlight glistened off the Adriatic as the waves crashed against the limestone cave formation around us and a soft sea breeze blew my hair over my eyes and cheek. N rose from his chair and approached my side of the table. He looked determined and handsome. He pushed the hair from my face, took my hand in his and spoke sweetly, “Come with me,” and then escorted me from my chair to the center of the Grotta Palazzese. He said something about something, or nothing about nothing. I’m not sure what he said exactly, because the noise grew softer as I began to sense the sincerity and magic of the moment. The world became quiet, as if we were the only two people in it, we were attuned; I noticed his every movement. N. reached into his pocket and slowly dropped to one knee. Our eyes met and we shared a lover’s gaze. In that next moment, in that breath, in those eyes, I realized he pledged his love, he vowed his heart – forever. I knew I loved him. I’ve been in love with him for quite sometime. “I have one more request to ask of you. P., my love, will you honor me as my wife? Will you marry me?” And the rest is present”. This is how it was for P. and N., and how it will stay in their hearts forever!

N. hired Italian photographers to capture every moment of the proposal. Like true paparazzi, they covertly photographed the happy couple that evening and like true paparazzi, the telephoto lenses and constant flash-focus caused quite the stir. Camera flashes drew whimsical glances, invited inquiry and created quite the buzz with fellow patrons. Their intrigue became an intrigue for everyone in the restaurant as they observed an increase in flash activity. N. even joked- “What, this isn’t the common occurrence whenever you go out?” Later, the owner of the place informed curious patrons that one of them was an American actor. P and N. still wonder which one of them.

What made their wedding special was the significance of the date 1/4; they had their wedding on 1/4/14. Numerically it commemorates the anniversary of their first date. Their favorite numbers are, easy to guess, 1 and 4. Another special moment was the presence of their parents and friends. It made their big day even happier. They love their parents dearly – without them the day would not have been as wondrous and meaningful. And they are happy they have amazing families and friends, whose support was incredible and well appreciated.

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Us for photography;

Wicked Entertainment – DJ and Lighting;

Dress Your Face: Make – up and Hair;

Nebulous Dream Productions – Videographer;

Le Meridien Hotel – Catering;

Bently Reserve (SF) and Fairmont Hotel (SJ) – Venues;

Cake – Coquette;

Say Ya – Photo Booth;

San Francisco Conservatory of Music;

Dreams on a Dime: Day-Of Wedding Coordinator;

Saints Peter and Paul Church (San Francisco).

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Jonathan + K.C. | Annadel Estate Winery

They met in the third year of law school. They were introduced in the hallway by a mutual friend, and Jonathan quickly followed up by texting “so… who’s your cute friend?” After dating throughout the year, the two finally figured out how seriously involved they were. Amidst studying for the Bar, the most grueling legal test, their bond flourished. From that point on, things moved pretty quickly. K.C. asked Jonathan to move to Mississippi with her, and after spending enough time in a tiny trailer in an unfamiliar town, they figured that they didn’t want to be anywhere else but there, with each other!

They have a very warm and compassionate relationship that is also silly and playful. They are both multi-faceted people with many varied interests – listening to and playing music, doing just about anything outdoors – hiking, biking, backpacking, swimming, creating art, traveling, cooking, writing. Actually, they just got back from a trip to the exciting country of Morocco! Together they have moved halfway across the country to live in a trailer in Mississippi, were gone traveling for eight months – backpacking around Southeast Asia, Central America, and South America. All of this helps to make their relationship an ever-growing and changing thing, allowing them to grow and experience new things individually and together. And now they have moved into their first home and are braving the inevitable “get a real job” stage.

December 20th proved to be a magical day in the lives of K.C and Jonathan.

K.C. never saw it coming… Dragging her to the city under the false pretense of picking up a Christmas gift for his mother -Jonathan asked her to wait on a bench outside an ice cream shop. It was the same bench, where they would take study breaks and eat ice cream-it was where they first said- “I love you” to one another. Jonathan went in to use the restroom at the ice cream shop where his brothers were waiting with a suit, flowers, and balloons. A few minutes later he stepped out and boom! Things were never the same for the two. It was truly a magical day! They have had such an overwhelming number of people say how much they loved every aspect of it. They could not have imagined it going any better, say they today.

The venue for their wedding reception was great-nestled in Sonoma Valley, it had everything-a barn, a great tented lawn for dinner, ruins for the ceremony and dancing, a heirloom rose garden, and a layout, that tied all these things together seamlessly.

The ceremony felt sincere and personalized, incorporating aspects of both of the bride and the groom. The dinner was delicious. The band was rocking, cranking out old soul tunes and modern pop. The desserts were unbelievable. And of course the guests were wonderful. The youngest guest was Jonathan’s niece, their now-goddaughter, who was two weeks old…

011 Jonathan + K.C. | Annadel Estate Winery021 Jonathan + K.C. | Annadel Estate Winery
031 Jonathan + K.C. | Annadel Estate Winery

Here are some of the vendors they chose for their wedding:

Alicia K Designs,

Park Ave Catering,

Wine County Rentals,

Anything She Wants (Band),

Creative Lighting SF,

us for photography.

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