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So here is a story of Gloria and Nick, a couple I had a pleasure to photograph. It was one of these weddings I really enjoy. Zero stress and tons of photo opportunities. And of course Auberge du Soleil is one of my favorite venues.

Nick and Gloria met at their work place. And according to Nick, Gloria is a boss in their relationship, especially when it comes to food. They enjoy going out and eat together. Gloria usually picks out the restaurants, as she is very particular about the food she eats. If it is salty and spicy or involves shellfish (preferably raw), then those usually are the winners. They love to travel, watch movies and TV, and occasionally play golf and go for long runs together.

Nick asked his son if he had any ideas on proposing to Gloria, and he said that he should put the ring on one of their Nintendo Wii controllers and then ask her to play Super Mario Brothers with them. When she gets the controller, she will then see the ring and then his father can ask her to marry him. For Nick it was a really cute and creative idea, but they decided to do something slightly different.

Gloria wasn’t feeling well on Saturday, June 22, 2013. She had a headache and was lying in bed for the most of the morning hoping to sleep it off. Nick woke her up around 11am and asked if she wanted to go for a walk to try and clear her head. Prior to that, Nick had shaved, which he normally doesn’t do on the weekend. She thought it was odd that he shaved, but it was just a quick, passing thought because of her headache.

As they walked outside, the temperature was about 90F, without any breeze. It was an abnormally warm day for Redwood Shores, which is usually breezy and cooler since they are right near the water. As they walked along the bay trail with Nick’s son and kicking the soccer ball around, Nick wanted to propose to her at a lookout area about a half mile from their house. As they were getting close to the lookout area, a jogger decided that he was going to run to that same lookout area, so Nick knew they would have to wait for him to leave before they went over there. The guy then decided that he wanted to do standing pushups against the railing there for the next 15 minutes.

Finally, after he was done, they walked over there and really appreciated the views on this gorgeous day. Nick’s son and he were kicking the ball around and he asked his son if this was a good spot. He said yes, and then turned around so he could get on his knees to propose. Gloria was looking elsewhere, and when she saw what he was doing, she thought he was doing a Yoga Crescent Pose that he does sometimes at home. When he brought out the ring from his pocket, she kept saying “No”, and started to cry. Nick asked her if she would marry him, and all he kept hearing was “No”. Luckily, the “No” was for cries of disbelief and joy, and she agreed to marry him.

The Wedding.

When Nick saw Gloria in her wedding dress, he was stunned to see her as she was looking gorgeously beautiful, though her dress was revealing but she looked amazing. He felt that he is the luckiest guy in the world. As they exchange vows and rings, Gloria had a tough time getting the ring onto his finger.

Due to soccer he sprained his finger and it was a bit swollen but later by greasing it up and struggling a bit, she was finally able to get it on. For their first dance, Gloria wanted to do something different. As she thought, a typical slow dance would be boring. Thus, they practiced doing “the hustle” and surprised everyone by doing this. The song started out slow and Gloria pushed Nick into the middle of the floor making him do some hustle moves and copied his moves, after a couple of minutes, the floor was covered with the hustlers. The dinner at the Auberge was incredible and everyone enjoyed their meal.

Later on after dinner, Nick’s family surprised by doing some dance performances. First his cousin did a dance routine on one of his favorite songs, “Cool it” and then his parents, aunts and uncles did a dance routine. They followed that up with some toe tapping and his son Tyler added up himself to the group and he did “Gangnam Style”. It was hilarious to watch them dance as it was difficult to keep up with the non-stop energized dance of the 9 year old boy. The video footage of all these dances will be the part of their family forever. They all continued the fun and dance. The evening of Gloria and Nick ended up in their room at Auberge, where a heart shape of rose petals was made outside the room.
01 Gloria and Nick | Beautiful Intimate Wedding02 Gloria and Nick | Beautiful Intimate Wedding03 Gloria and Nick | Beautiful Intimate Wedding


If you appreciate good photography and love San Francisco as Liann and Vincent do, here is your answer!


Jackie was in her third year of Medical school at UC Irvine and Ryan came there for residency. Ryan’s younger brother Steve was a good friend of Jackie. They first met in a birthday party of Jackie’s roommate. Ryan asked about Jackie and Steve decided to set them up. “Zombie land” was the first movie they watched on their first date.

Ryan and Jackie have a very equal, loving, and supportive relationship. They were able to get through long distance for two years during their medical training. As professionals, they respect each others’ careers and needs. They both like to cook and stay active. Traveling is also one of their passions, and they have been to Europe, Africa, Central America, and the South Pacific for both work and fun.

Ryan was doing an anesthesia rotation in Lyon, France. Jackie flew out on her vacation to meet him in Paris. On the first night of their trip, they had dinner and walked around the Eiffel tower afterwards. He proposed underneath the stars and the sparkling Eiffel tower – and of course Jackie said yes.

The best man and the maid of honor’s joint speech had hilarious moments. A part of the speech also involved the imitation of their dance moves on the Pitball song, “Timber”. They did so because they love dancing with each other. They had both Chinese and Jewish elements in their wedding with complete cooperation and balance. That included a Hora Dance which was fun for everyone. Jackie’s brother is inclined to music and he played the Lumineers song, “Ho Hey” during their reception which was amazingly beautiful. They believe it was the most perfect wedding day they could wish for.

012 Jackie & Ryan | San Francisco City Hall022 Jackie & Ryan | San Francisco City Hall031 Jackie & Ryan | San Francisco City Hall

Their wedding ceremony and reception site was San Francisco City Hall. The catering and floral was done by Taste Catering. Lighting was by John Keenan and draping was by Everything Audio Visual. Photography was by IQ photo and videography was by Martin Films. Officiant was by Mike Watson. Bridal gown was by Vera Wang and the rings were by Tacori.