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Hello! I'm Josef Kohn, the proud owner and creative director of iQphoto, a San Francisco-based boutique wedding photography studio.

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Our fervor for capturing life's moments is driven by our dedication to preserving experiences and crafting a lasting visual legacy. We treasure genuine connections, embrace cultural diversity, and appreciate the beauty of fine art. Our aim is to subtly and authentically capture the essence of each wedding day through unscripted, timeless imagery that will be cherished for generations to come.

As visual storytellers, we relish the opportunity to connect with our couples and discover the unique aspects of their relationship. By understanding their values and needs, we provide them the space to express their love, while offering gentle guidance when necessary to ensure a heartfelt and authentic portrayal of their bond.

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Our approach is both thoughtful and intuitive, as we honor our couples' ideas and respect their vision, while also infusing our unique perspective to ensure their wedding photos don't appear overly pre-planned. We pride ourselves on our ability to adeptly navigate intricate timeline scenarios and skillfully manage less-than-ideal lighting conditions, while still capturing the essence of movement and depth. This expertise is just one of the many reasons our clients entrust us with preserving their cherished memories.

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We have had the pleasure of capturing an extensive array of weddings across the globe, from grand multicultural, multi-day festivities to cozy gatherings in quaint backyards and picturesque parks. Our experience encompasses working in a variety of venues, such as historic hotels, charming wineries, idyllic tropical islands, elegant country and golf clubs, luxurious private estates, majestic snowy mountains, and enchanting castles. While the majority of our projects take place in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are always delighted to accept destination and international wedding and engagement session commissions.

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San Francisco Bay Wedding
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Viral Sutro Bath Proposal Ricky & Jazmine
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sf city hall front door photo at night
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How to choose a San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Navigating the search for a wedding photographer, discerning their distinctive qualities, and selecting the right person to capture your special day can be quite challenging. Thus, it is crucial to choose a photographer whose work you will adore both now and for years to come. To assist you in making this decision, we have compiled a few insightful tips on how to select the perfect photographer for your wedding.

First of all, I would highly recommend to any bride or groom to book a venue together with their chosen photographer. It's like having a free second opinion. An experienced photographer can offer a "behind-the-scenes" point of view when it comes to lighting, time of the day, weather, pros and cons and so on. He can even recommend a similar venue that offers better value when it comes to professional photography.

Weddings are unique in scope and speed of action, so you will want to choose a photographer with a wide range of skills and experience as well as a great sense of style. You will be with your wedding photographer for most of the wedding day, so get to know him and make sure his personality matches yours. Don't ask the photographer a list of 100 questions by copy and paste from sites such as the Knot but rather let your photographer's personality and style play a bigger role in choosing a wedding photographer who is just right for you. Make sure they have enough time to get to know you and give you a sense of security. You may also hire them for an engagement photo session to get a sense of what to expect.

Documentary Style PHOTOGRAPHY

Contemporary style wedding photography has gained widespread popularity among many California and international wedding photographers, characterized by a series of candid moments captured throughout the day, typically using natural light. A documentary wedding photographer (including elopement and engagement photographers) focuses on creating a unique series of natural light images that "tell the captivating story" of your wedding day or, in other words, capture the essence of true love.

Drawbacks: There is no pre-planned "shot list," and the images rely solely on the photographer's instincts, making them unpredictable. Low levels of available light may result in some pictures appearing grainy.

Editorial Style PHOTOGRAPHY

Editorial style wedding photographers carefully position their subjects within settings that offer optimal lighting, striking backgrounds, or unique locations. Once the scene is arranged, the couple and their party are encouraged to be themselves, fostering a more spontaneous atmosphere. Contrasting with the photojournalistic approach, editorial photography leverages the photographer's artistic judgment instead of solely focusing on capturing a series of fleeting moments.

Traditional Style PHOTOGRAPHY

Wedding photography has its roots in the traditional approach, a timeless style that has graced countless wedding albums over the years. This method is characterized by meticulously posed photographs capturing key moments.

Benefits: Traditional local or destination wedding photographers typically work with a predetermined "shot list," ensuring all crucial images are captured.

Drawbacks: The photographer essentially takes on the role of a "wedding director," orchestrating the wedding party and guests according to a prearranged list, resulting in choreographed wedding pictures. This method can be quite time-consuming, leading to the bride and groom spending less time with their guests.

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