Eric L Review:

My wife remembered Joseph Kohn's work from her best friend's wedding, which was three years ago. I thought it was pretty impressive that my wife would remember his work three years after the fact, so I was immediately intrigued.

Our experience with him was AWESOME. My main concern in picking a wedding photographer was that we would end up spending a lot of money on photos that nobody would care about in two years and that would make our wedding seem like a boring, staid affair instead of a celebration. Instead, Joseph really captured ALL the aspects of the day for me - the solemnity, the mystery, the anticipation, the joy, the party. He has a genius for staging photos in a way that really evokes the feeling of the day for me months afterwards, but he also has a genius for candid shots that are artistically interesting and bring out the human heart of a scene. And by "artistically interesting," I mean he shoots the coolest wedding photos I've ever seen - in fact, he shoots some of the coolest photos I've ever seen, period. If you've never seen wedding photography that you honestly thought was cool without being gimmicky, you need to check out Joseph's work.

Besides the quality of his photography, Joseph was a joy to work with. He was a complete professional - which means he knew when (and how!) to be unobtrusive and how to move post-ceremony photos efficiently without being pushy, but ALSO that he genuinely shared our happiness. Throughout the process I felt like Joseph approached our wedding asking himself not how much money he could talk us into spending but how he could enhance the day for us, and our memories of it. Joseph really blew me away with every aspect of this process.