David R Review:

"Exceptional work and final product. IQPhoto did a great job and helped make our day painless and easy!!!"

Let me share my experience with Joseph at IQPhoto. So about 3 weeks ago, my finance and I decided to screw all the wedding planning and go to SF City Hall. A week before our ceremony appointment I did a google search of wedding photographer SF and up popped IQPhoto. I checked out the website and saw the super reasonable price of the City Hall package, clicked on the slideshow and was very impressed by the quality of work. So I had my finance take a look (I learned early that the key to a successful marriage is always check first) because she didn't think we needed a photographer since it was going to be a quick ceremony and that we could go back to Asia and do one of those wedding photo packages one day.....she was quite impressed with Joseph's work and gave me the okay to book.

Our ceremony was scheduled for Thursday afternoon, I emailed Joseph Monday and asked if he could accommodate our date and a couple of request. He responded quickly and said he was available and we could work out the request. On Tuesday, I left him a message to confirm and again he responded very quickly and said he would send me an email after his photo shoot with instructions to put down a deposit online. As promised, the email arrived and we confirmed our time to meet and I put send a deposit via google checkout.

The BIG DAY....Joseph and his assistant Alex arrived on time. They were easy to spot as the guys with all the camera's. It was a nice surprise that there were two of them to take pics from different vantage points. Joseph knows the city hall routine and many of the people that work there so he was able to walk us through the whole process. He asked how we wanted things to be done, if we had special requests or if we wanted him to just take charge and suggest things. He was very positive, not pushy or directing too much, made us feel at ease. Best of all he know's city hall so well, we were very efficient in terms of time. We got a bunch of pictures done before the ceremony with our families and then still had time to get plenty of shots at various locations in city hall after the ceremony. It's really hard to believe how many pictures we took in the hour or so at city hall.

I am not the most photogenic person in the world...I have a huge head and oily skin but somehow Joseph and Alex got shots where I don't look like a bobble-head with Vaseline smeared on it. My wife (since we got married) who doesn't like attention and doesn't like photos, was put at ease after a bit by Joseph and started to follow his instructions and posed. At no point did Joseph or Alex make us feel rushed or pushing us along to get things done.

In less than a week, Joseph had our pictures ready to view online and we were able to easily download them. Communications and email were responded to in a timely manner. Joseph was accommodating to our needs and timelines.

Overall a very positive experience on a day that can be stressful. With the end result that we have beautiful pictures that captured our wedding that we can share with our family and friends. I hope that I won't have to hire IQPhoto for another wedding but would not hesitate hire Joseph to capture other special moment and preserve lasting memories from his fantastic work.

Now thinking back, I should have had him do some portrait shots for my Match.com profile back in the day...I would have gotten more hits.