Nikki K Review:

Joseph Kohn is a genius behind the lens!

Our Search:

When shopping for our wedding photographer we were initially overwhelmed by options, but after viewing hundreds of online portfolios, Joseph's were the most amazing and absolutely breathtaking. Many of his previews brought me to tears. I didn't know the couples, but through Joseph's photos, I was able to see their story, and feel their sentiment.
Joseph's photos revealed an obvious passion and determination of capturing the authentic emotions as opposed to a pre-packed repertoire of posed celebratory images. It was important to us to be able to look back on our wedding day and remember the moments, not remembering having to pause and pose.

Our Meet:

He did not sit us down in some brightly lit 'sales office'-like room. He did not pull out a pen and paper to shoot detailed questions at us like some doctor filling out a medical history form. Everything about our meetings with Joseph was inviting. Even during the first meeting, we felt like we were just updating an old friend about out lives and our wedding. There are rare moments during wedding planning when you feel that you have found someone you can have absolute trust in. In Joseph, we trusted hi vision and judgment completely.

Our Big Day and Beyond:

When Joseph arrived, I was in a hotel hallway on the phone panicking , because something was not going as planned. Seeing his calmness and assuredness, I was immediately put at ease. I smiled my first smile of the day, and he caught it with his camera, to us it was priceless. Though during the next 18 hours many surprises came our way, we didn't have a moment of stress. It would be an understatement to say that Joseph put that in motion.

During the big day, he was efficient, focused and professional. I'm not sure how he managed to be everywhere at once, there were so many moments that could easily have been swallowed up in the blur of the day. He never interrupted the flow of events and yet we never once had to look for him when a "moment" occurred.

Our pictures came out better than we could have ever imagined. Our expectations were met in the form of uncompromising beautiful images. His images exemplified a reality that supersedes our non-creative eye, it expressed textures, angles and sentiment that we has missed or forgotten. Joseph capture every important moment of the day and created remarkable pieces of art which has allowed us to truly relive and re-feel our day over and over again. The images will be treasured by us and our families for generations.

We highly recommend Joseph and definitely plan to use IQphoto for our future events.