Megan M Review:

My husband and I used IQ Photo (and specifically, Joseph) for our City Hall wedding in August. Everything went exactly as planned -- We got to City Hall a little bit early and Joseph was early too and helped us through the whole process.

It was so helpful to have someone there who knew exactly how everything worked. For example, Joseph suggested that we try to be the first of the three couples in our time slot. At first, this seemed counter-intuitive because I thought that the other couples would be hanging around during our ceremony and might end up in some of the photos. However, Joseph was exactly correct -- we were able to take a bunch of family shots in the Rotunda while waiting for the Marriage Commissioner to finish up registering the other two couples. Then, after the ceremony, we took shots elsewhere in City Hall, and by the time those were finished, the other couples had left and we had the grand staircase all to ourselves for some beautiful shots.

IQ Photo emailed us the link to all of the raw photos less than a week after the ceremony, which was great because I was able to go through and pick out a bunch to post on Facebook for our family and friends who couldn't make it. I have received so many comments about how beautiful the photos are, and several people who were at the ceremony also commented about how great Joseph was and how he seemed to know exactly where to get the best shots.

Joseph also gave us all easy-to-follow directions for our second location to do some great shots at Crissy Field with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

I would definitely recommend IQ Photo if you're doing a City Hall wedding! I was a little worried about not getting to meet the photographer beforehand because of the less expensive package, but we had plenty of time to discuss what we wanted before the ceremony and after, and Joseph was great at keeping everything on schedule. There was no problem getting all of the photos done in the 2-hour package we purchased.