Heather P Review:

Our city hall wedding was planned with only a months notice. For a perfectionist like me, that is a recipe for disasters. I immediately began scouring the net for the best of the best in wedding vendors that might be available to take on a short notice gig without providing short notice level

That was when I came across IQPhoto and his City Hall package. It was clear that he had plenty of experience in working in all different settings including his fair share of city hall weddings. We must have spent hours looking through all of his photos. There is something special about them. They don't just capture the typical wedding poses. He captures moments, feelings, memories. When you look at them, you feel like you're inside the moment experiencing it alongside the wedding party.

When we met him at City Hall he and his assistant sprung into action, catching every moment with skill. He knew exactly where to tell us to go, what to have us do & when to step back and let us experience each other.
His pictures and his service definitely exceeded our expectations. He's 100% pro with a laid back and easy to work with demeanor.

The only thing I wish was that we could have afforded to buy a full package with him! His retouching and colorizing work is beautiful and it would have rocked to have a few pictures that had that awesome moody vibe that he excels at. Right now our biggest issue is pouring through the 300+ photos he sent us and figuring out which we want to use!

This perfectionist is happy.