San Francisco Twin Peaks Proposal

On a sunny Pride Day in San Francisco, I was up at Twin Peaks, camera in hand. I was there to photograph a special moment between Katrina and Kamilla, two spirited, joyful women whose love for each other was clear to see.

We found a great spot, slightly downhill, that framed the city's downtown vista beautifully. The buzz of the celebration below was a fitting soundtrack for the moment that was about to unfold.

Katrina pulled out a small box, got on one knee, and proposed. Kamilla's surprised, tearful 'yes' rang out, their joy reflecting the spirit of the city beneath us. As a photographer, I live for these moments, the genuine happiness I get to witness and capture.

Their love, the city's energy, and the Pride Day festivities all merged into a picture-perfect scene. My camera clicked, freezing the moment forever. It was a simple, yet remarkable afternoon, a day that reminded me why I love doing what I do.