Eleonora R Review:

A couple of years ago, two friends of mine got married, and sent around their wedding pictures. I still remember gasping at those pictures. They weren't like any of those traditional, corny shots we were used to - they captured those elusive emotional moments and really got the feeling of the event. I made a mental note then that if i ever got married, I'd want that same photographer, w/ that precise yet carefree style, all about the special moments rather than the snapshots.

So fast forward to this year, when my wedding was fast approaching and I hadn't chosen a wedding photographer yet. I just wasn't seeing the same caliber of photos - or if i was, they cost tens of thousands of dollars. So I emailed my friend asking what the name of that amazing photographer was, and contacted him.

And, miraculously, he was able to come shoot our wedding - a destination wedding in mexico. After the groom, it was the best decision i made. We quite honestly spent no time on the photos - we were always running late, didn't want to take time away from our guests, and wanted to make sure the wedding festivities were going well - but somehow he managed to take amazing shots. My hubby had little interest in the photography, but when he saw the pictures he was a convert. In the 5 minutes that Joseph managed to get us alone during the reception, he took some of the most jaw-dropping shots i'd ever seen. He would steal us away for a minute at a time and get some amazing pictures in., I still have no idea when and how he did it.

He was completely unobtrusive, yet somehow always there. And he was extremely available both before the wedding (during the planning) and during (and after!), and suggested some amazing shots/ideas for the ceremony. I wanted to do a 'trash the dress' session - he was excited and had some great ideas, and got some amazing shots in the pool and in the ocean! And the slideshow he put together (without me lifting a finger, mind you) was amazing - people keep telling me it's the best wedding photography they've ever seen. I tend to agree.

So if you're looking for a top-notch, flexible, reasonable wedding photographer who's really willing to work with you - and you want amazing photos with very little effort - you can't go wrong with Joseph and his team. (Eliot was his second shooter, and he was an absolute sweetheart - so flexible, available, amazing photographs, and a great way with people)