Igor M Review:

There are hundreds of wedding photographers who can do the nice shots of you on your very special day--your wedding--but only a few of them are able to make your photos unique and unforgettable. One of these few is Joseph.

He has a gift of finding the most poetic settings and a talent to make these backgrounds compliment the bride and groom in the most beautiful way. You can save money and get photos from any cheap photographer, but people who have decided to hire Joseph as their wedding photographer will never regret their choice because their wedding photos will be truly unforgettable. His style and natural ability to be a photographer makes him one of the best photographers in Bay area.

I have not been surprised when Joseph won the first place in the "Best Wedding Photographer" two months ago. My wife and I have been very happy to have Joseph as our wedding photographer, and after two months since our wedding day, we can say that Joseph's photos are worth every penny we have spent.