Stephanie P:

I am writing about an amazing photographer and an incredible person- IQphoto's Joseph Kohn! I have not written many (any) reviews before, but am doing so now because, if you're planning a wedding, you need to know about this individual! The clear difference between Joseph Kohn and the other guys, is that he is, first and foremost, a tremendously gifted artist. He's not some tech who churns out hundreds of generic shots with interchangeable smiling faces. He shapes your setting and your moment, wherever that may be, into gorgeous art. The results show over and over, in unique treasures your family will cherish forever.

Over three years ago, Joseph created astonishing art, in this way, from our wedding. The resulting pictures have made me smile every day since. Then several weeks ago, we suffered a catastrophe, and both our original and backup digital copies of our ceremony were destroyed. We were absolutely devastated. I contacted Joseph in an absolute panic, hoping for the one in a million odds he would have our old work, and willing to pay absolutely ANYTHING to get my pictures. Despite a packed shooting schedule, he had them to me practically overnight, for NO CHARGE, with his best wishes.

The last time I was that happy was- my wedding! Thank you Joseph, forever.