Andy C Review:

Joseph Kohn and his brother Alex were extremely creative, professional, and responsible photographers. They worked on both wedding and engagement shoots. My wife and I were happy to choose IQPhoto.

While searching for wedding photographers, we were looking for one that had a continuous flow of different shots. Many photographers have a set style and don't like to get out of that comfort zone. Granted, it's probably what they do best, but there is a letdown since nothing changes after looking at 2 sets of photos.

Take a look at his blog and you'll find that in every shoot the personalities and temperaments of each couple are conveyed clearly. Joseph and Alex work hard to find each couple's spark.

I had a chance to talk to Alex while my bride was completing her make up before the wedding and he said something that really solidified the reason that we picked Joseph and Alex as our photographers. He mentioned for every wedding, they have to find new shots and it's the most difficult job to do something that's different from everything else they've done. Then right there he took a nice portrait while I ate a cake. They don't stop working even while on a short break if they see a nice moment.

During the wedding, my bride and I warned him about a flash mob we were planning and he made sure he was prepared for it. He took some excellent and unexpected shots. Additionally, they are very amenable to requests for "standard group pictures" as well.

Joseph and Alex understands that wedding photography is focused on the couple. Because of that, their pictures can be charming or humorous, delicate or flashy, or all of the above. They really pay attention to the couple and gives a day to never needing to worry about finding the right shot for a wedding. They've got it in the flash card already when you least expected.