Nick F Review:

After going through the wedding photographer selection process, I think there are three important areas to consider. Thankfully for us, Joseph excelled in all three.

PHOTOS: Anyone who takes a little time to check out Joseph's website can quickly see how artistic and imaginative he is. My wife and I spent more time interviewing photographers than we did all of our other wedding vendors combined, so suffice to say that we were very critical in this area. When we first sat down with Joseph, we were absolutely blown away by his work. He is uniquely talented at creating visually stunning images, as well as capturing those critical, unscripted moments.

PROFESSIONALISM: Of course, not every photographer who takes great photos is necessarily going to be an enjoyable person with whom to work. Thankfully, Joseph was first-class the entire way. The day of the wedding, he actually demonstrated a rather colorful personality, which seemed to loosen up our wedding party during the formal shots. I know our venue was a little concerned, since Joseph had never shot a wedding there before. But that was hardly a problem, as Joseph arrived early and worked closely with our wedding planner to make sure he understood the grounds.