Burlington W Review:

We got our engagement and wedding photos done by Joseph and his assistant Alex, and our wedding videography done by his brother Alex. (A different Alex.) I wish there were more words in the English language, because perhaps then I would have something to describe how incredible their work is. Their attitudes are fantastic, they are accommodating, and most importantly they are able to capture your wedding in a way you will be proud to remember forever.

We signed up for a destination package that included digital copies of our engagement photos and wedding photos, a large album for my wife and me, and two small albums for our parents. It also include a generous discount when we hired his brother to do our videography as well.

Joseph led us into San Francisco for our engagement photos, per our request. We took a few photos in classic places such as Civic Center and Pier Whatever, but he also had some great lesser know places that produced some really fantastic shots. Small, cozy neighborhoods high in the hills with great old houses and quiet beaches. The digital photographs came quickly and we were able to download them ourselves and easily buy a few prints through the e-store that delivered them.

Joseph, Alex, and Alex spent some extra time with us the day of the rehearsal to go around Bloomington, Indiana and take some shots in our wedding outfits. We wanted to make it to the local campus while there were as few students as possible, and they were very kind to squeeze into our rental car and drive all around snapping photographs as they saw interesting places. We got in a great mix of places we wanted to have shots taken, and the non-stereotypical locations that caught Joseph and his brother's eyes.

And on the day-of we could not have asked for a more professional team to be recording our special day. Joseph let us know the plan up-front, after they had done some scouting of the location, and we knew when the light would be good and where to be to get the best shots. They were accommodating and even supportive of my silly personality, and we got some great shots that really reflect me and my wife. Our groomsmen and bridesmaids came out great, especially as they had them walk around the green fields around our venue. We got some great shots of the bridal party staring down a few deer! Unforgettable.

They were available when we needed them right now, and all but invisible when we didn't. It really helped us feel like this was our day, and not anyone else's. It is an amazing feeling to have both our own memories of the day, peaceful and uninterrupted, as well as a huge host of photographs and video that reflect the day splendidly.

I can't recommend anyone higher than Joseph to do your engagement and wedding photography.