Ayu H Review:

My husband extensively researched Bay area photographers and concluded Joseph is the best wedding photographer available, irrespective of cost. I wholeheartedly agree. Joseph came highly recommended by two separate friends who don't know each other. Both friends are highly educated, have discerning tastes, and both independently gave glowing recommendations of Joseph's work and timely turnaround.

Joseph first displayed his artistic skill for us in our engagement photo session taken near the picturesque Golden Gate Bridge at sunset and the Embarcadero for night city shots. The engagement session pictures alone are amazing. We have used many of these pictures for various parts of our wedding and in framed pictures in our house.

For our wedding, we already had high expectations of Joseph, but he managed to blow us away with his incredible work. Joseph is an artist and his pictures are simply masterpieces. His keen eagle eye combined with inventive artistic flair captures the moments like you would never imagine. His pictures are gorgeous. These are the moments that will live forever in your memory artistically rendered in digital photography. After watching the video (made by a different company) I realized that Joseph's pictures actually enhanced my memory of the wedding. Our parents absolutely love the pictures and cannot stop raving about them. The photo album Joseph put together is stunning but mere icing on the cake: beautiful layouts with each page telling a story. Photos are meticulously selected, cropped and organized upon an artistic photographic background.

Although Joseph's talent would give him reason to have a giant ego, he is very very hard working and timely (matter of days) in putting together a fantastic online 3-4 minute slideshow. We watched, as tears rolled down our cheeks, the slideshow for the first time during our honeymoon. The slideshow is perhaps the single most important artifact from the wedding in today's internet age: parents and relatives can easily show friends and colleagues, guests can relive highlights, and coworkers not present can witness and experience the event in a few minutes. People I don't even know have complimented our slideshow.

I still, from time to time, watch the slideshow online and I wonder how the room is so dusty... causing my eyes to water.