Same Sex SF City Hall wedding photography

Hello and welcome to our Same-Sex City Hall wedding photography page. We've decided to make a separate gallery for clients who want to know if we offer this service and more important how our images look. Even with a serious progress our country made in dealing with equal rights issues there are still grey areas and a lot of questions have not been answered and there is a huge road in front of us in this area.

We had a chance to photograph LGBT weddings since 2008 when it was briefly legal in San Francisco and continued through the years until finally Same-Sex marriages were fully legalized in California. Just to say, we've enjoyed working with the community is to say nothing. We absolutely LOVED photographing our gay and lesbian couples. Take a closer look at our LGBT City Hall wedding photography portfolio versus our main portfolio. Can you see the difference in style?

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LGBT Couple at SF City Hall
Passionate Kiss
Same Sex Couple at SF City Hall
Same Sex Couple with Guests at SF City Hall