Elizabeth B Review:

The most admired vendor at my wedding ceremony was my wedding photographer, Joseph Kohn with IQPhoto.

Joseph was on time and very personable upon greeting. He captured every moment of my wedding ceremony with absolute elegance & grace. My conservative, elder parents (76 years of age each!) were very impressed with Joseph's mannerisms towards photographing them. The church environment was very solemn (with a soft string trio in the background), Joseph photographed guests and the wedding party rather undetected, considering the nature of the church's quiet spirituality.

Monetarily, I could not be more satisfied with our final contract. Joseph agreed to work with my wedding event, even though he mentioned rarely shooting a one-hour church wedding. Because I knew Joseph was a national magazine quality photographer, and because of the research I've conducted on saving costs but not on quality, I knew I wanted IQPhoto, but I also knew I had to discuss the contracted time to stay within my budget. Joseph graciously provided a one hour shoot including bridal readiness, pre-ceremony seating, romantically captured ceremony vows, and post-ceremony family/friends photos via garden aerials and perfect angles/lighting most flattering of my bridal party, along with additional small group shots and then an entire group shot of 52 wedding guests on a tiered platform, again, all within an hour! Additional, a surprise short-film-video was included to the option package! I was so grateful for the short-film especially since I had huge regret with not hiring a videographer. The photos and video were just mind-blowing... perfection. Joseph utilized every moment and captured what felt like a full eight-hour day in less than 60 minutes, not a moment was overlooked -- incredible.

Essentially, the photographs I received were magical and I could NOT have asked for more in a wedding photographer. I felt like a princess and the photographs submitted looked stunning -- magazine quality. See for yourself, Joseph's quality expert work speaks for itself. I've attached some of the photographs he created for me herein.

My wedding dreams came true on my wedding day and Joseph captured them for us... I cannot thank Joseph enough for his professionalism and eagle eye to attention to his craft.