Manuel N Review:

I do have to admit that I neglected to provide feedback regarding IQphoto after our wedding last year. I was the one who dealt with them before, during and after the wedding so I felt I should own that task. The honeymoon related trips, some new projects at work, personal errands and many other ashamed excuses made me unable to deliver my input on time about the IQphoto team.

Almost one year after our wedding, the task to "provide feedback about IQphoto online" still remains open in my "to do" list...until today. I could have easily removed this open task from my list, it would have taken me less than two seconds to scratch it. Nevertheless, the fact that I still want to talk about the IQphoto team might give you a good initial impression that my input will be truthful. If I am in need of photography services in the future, I will for sure call IQphoto again. I am confident that my husband, my family and friends would agree with my recommendation.

The IQphoto website, tools, automated processes and more importantly, the IQphoto team truly facilitated the process prior to our wedding and after the big event. They were very easy to work with and made the entire process very enjoyable. They took care of all details and the outcome of their work was extraordinary. We were most impressed about their unique creativity to architect the most remarkable angles and shots. They were able to capture genuine moments and unique people's expressions throughout the ceremony and the entire event that I am sure will last as positive memories for a very long time. They have a particular journalistic approach that helps to tell the story only though the images.

After almost one year of having the pleasure to work with them at IQphoto, I still remember their team and their sincere advice and great help with pride and a big smile on my face. They brought joy to our lives. On behalf of my husband, family and friends, I would simply like to say to them: "THANK YOU!"