Chris S Review:

Joseph Kohn is a true professional. His work is amazing and from the moment you meet him you are instantly swept up in the passion that he has for his work. He does not just take pictures, he uses his talent to photograph the subject. He will ask you to do something crazy, but the photo is amazing. My wife hiked through a field in her wedding dress BEFORE the ceremony because Joseph saw a beautiful photo, and he was right. The photos from the field are incredible (check the website for his portfolio, Palm Event Center and you will see what I mean). His use of colors and nature is amazing; every photo turns out to be exquisite.

On a day as special as your wedding day, you don't want to take any chances; you want the mood to be captured perfectly. That is what Joseph does: his photographs bring back emotions and memories that you would otherwise have forgotten. In the end, the only things you take away from a special event are your memories and the pictures. His artistic style allows you remember just what you were feeling and thinking at any specific moment. We are so thankful we found him. He has become our family photographer from here forward.