Cypress Tree Lane Proposal

When Harry mentioned the famous Cypress Tree Lane of Point Reyes as a place for his marriage proposal, I instantly got excited: Finally I will get a chance to photograph at that unique location! Yes!

I've done some research and most photographers I spoke with complained that the place is packed with tourists and the only way to get a clean shot would be early morning. So we scheduled it for 8AM and barely dodged the tourists. At 8:15AM two groups showed up and started taking photos.

Sunset is probably prefer for engagement session as there much more flexibility in controlling the position angle, etc., but with proposals, sunrise is likely a better option. I am looking forward to a new session and want to see how this place looks on a foggy day.

Below are the images from the actual proposal. I originally started from far away using a telephoto lens but after getting a number of wide shots, got closer and took these (below).

Below is an image that were taken after the proposal. I've positioned a couple ins the shade. You can see a color and a BW version of the same shot. What is your favorite?