Becca L Review:

Joseph is really amazing!!! I found him through reviews online and a recc from another vendor from my wedding, and couldn't be happier with my choice in photographer. Choosing a fabulous photographer was my #1 priority as I am obsessed with photography and had a particular style in mind. When I saw his photos online, I knew he must be right up my alley so I made an appointment to meet with him. I explained to him what I envisioned, that I am picky about photos, and that this was the most important part of my wedding as far as I was concerned and he got it immediately. When I first went to meet with him he showed me some of the amazing pics he has taken and i was sold immediately. He truly is an artist. He is totally professional, punctual, responsive to emails and accommodating to my needs.

My wedding was at the beautiful San Francisco City Hall, which is NOT an easy venue to shoot. Joseph is known in the City as one of the best photogs for this space, and he proved that when we were there by taking some really unique shots of us and the venue. My whole wedding party absolutely loved him, and we all had a great time going around the City taking unique pictures as a group. Joseph is playful, comfortable to work with in all ways, has a good sense of humor and helps make everything feel natural (even though it's totally unnatural to me to have someone following me around telling me how to pose). I would use Joseph again in the future absolutely.

I got my pictures back from Joseph before I was even back from my honeymoon! It was such a pleasant surprise to return home to. We went through them all immediately and couldn't have been more thrilled. THEY ARE AMAZING! We sent the proofs to our family and friends to help us decide which we wanted to use in our albums and we have so many people telling us that they are the MOST amazing pictures they have ever seen. I've already had at least 10 people ask me who my photographer was because they were just so stunning. While the whole day was beautiful, he made it look like it was a celebrity wedding with the way he took pics. The photos should be in a magazine. I still haven't decided which photos to put in's so hard to choose.

I would absolutely recommend Joseph to anyone who asks. He is worth every penny, he's fun, he's energetic and as far as I'm concerned a photographic genius.

Just a quick note -- we also had Joseph shoot our engagement photos and I got SO many compliments on how amazing they were. He has such an eye for unique beauty and found the best composition for every shot. IQ Photo is A+ and five stars in my book!