Kang H Review:

My wife and I live in Dallas, but all of our friends and family are in the Bay. Obviously, the wedding is going to be in the Bay. After some wedding planning through Google, we found Joseph's website on the City Hall wedding. After browsing through his city hall wedding collections, we decided to have a simple wedding to avoid all the remote wedding planning nightmare. It was Joseph who gave us the idea of getting married in the city hall.

Joseph was very helpful and was very prompt in his responses. He showed up at the City Hall on time and was able to get us started quickly. He seems to have a way to calm the bride very well (my wife was having a mental breakdown before the wedding), and he instructed many creative poses for us. We were really pleased at his creativity and results. He captured some of the simple interactions among us and family/friends and was able to portrait them very well in his photos. It seems like every photo was telling certain moment of the story.

Joseph also has his way to organize group pictures as well. With a party of 10+, it can be chaotic to take pictures. However, his instructions to every group pictures was very clear, and allowed us to get great pictures without people running around all the time.

Finally, he knows the place inside out, and he also know places that are great for pictures. You will need to go to his photo collection to see it, and I can say that only a few people know the intricacy of camera angles and light/shadow. After all, Joseph is the only photographer we know who can shoot photos as he walks....good luck finding someone who can top that!