Alicia G Review:

I cannot even BEGIN to explain how amazing Joseph is at what he does - it is TRULY a gift. We met him first for our engagement shoot, and based on those amazing shots immediately booked him for our wedding in Sonoma last June. What a beautiful day it was; sun, bright blue skies, and vineyard scenery were our backdrops. Most photographers could have made great shots that day, but Joseph and his team blew that expectation out of the water!!! The "paparazzi", as we joyfully referred to Joseph and his assistants that day, did not miss a single opportunity to capture the moments that we can now preserve for the rest of our lives. He not only captured moments - he MADE moments; STOLE moments; CREATED moments, every angle to perfection. When we look at our pictures, and share them with friends and family, everyone is astounded. Joseph is truly an artist of the highest caliber. Logistically, throughout the entire process he was very accessible, professional and genuine - a joy to work with. I just cannot recommend him high enough!!!