Matt R Review:

IQ Photo Studio did a wonderful job for our SF city hall wedding on several levels. Shortly after meeting our photographer Joseph just before our 30 minute ceremony slot, we realized we had forgotten our wedding license at the hotel. Based on Joseph's calm advice, he had us rearrange our schedule slightly and he spoke with our officiant, acting as our impromptu wedding planner/adviser. We avoided panic and had exactly the wedding we wanted, both of which probably wouldn't have happened without Joseph the photographer.

As for the photos, they are amazing. We could not be happier with them. They are the perfect blend of class and artiness. Although we only had a short time frame for the ceremony in the rotunda, Joseph took us to the special places in the building and we have photos that seem almost as if we had all of city hall to ourselves.

The photo slide show they made set to music was the icing on the cake. Normally, I might think a musical slide show of wedding photos would be totally cheesy, but it captured the experience in a way that was truly beautiful and moving. We have watched it over and over and over again, shared it with all our friends and family, where it apparently has elicited many tears of joy. My only caveat is that if you buy a package where only a certain number of the photos will be available for download, you may need to upgrade because you will want all of them once you see them (we did!). IQ Photo does a fabulous job and I highly recommend their services.