Hilaria S Review:

My fiancé and I were looking for a good photographer online. After reading several good reviews, we decided to meet Joseph from IQ photo.

During our very first meeting he was already very confident and his portfolio was very impressive. We decided to go with IQ photo and we're so glad we did! Joseph is a pro. We relayed what we wanted for our shoot and we agreed on the details. He was professional in every aspect.

The schedule was followed through to the last detail. Joseph made us very comfortable the entire time and answered all our questions. He showed us some tips on the technical side of photography and he was able to relay them to us in layman's terms. Want a wonderful experience! Worth every cent.

When he showed us the photos we were so surprised - all the shots were perfect. All of the photos were so clear and every detail could be seen. Joseph was able to extract the beauty of the buildings and enhance the architectural designs to blend in perfectly with the shot. He was able to work with the shadows and proper lighting to give the photos such a cool effect! It's like he made us part of the beauty of the scenery.

The images are so amazing that we could not wait to show them to everyone!
We are so impressed with IQ photo that we decided to hire Joseph as our wedding photographer. I highly recommend him and his pricing is very reasonable as well.