Aaron F Review:

Most wedding photographers I've seen go for the posed shots, which can be ok, but don't convey any story. Since photography is also my hobby, I have a picky taste when it comes to wedding photographers. After browsing through a few random wedding photo websites, only iqphoto caught my eye. I like Joseph's less posed, but artistic style (wedding photojournalism) of pictures which help tell a story. His pictures have a timeless feel to them. For our engagement photos Joseph suggested Crissy Field which was a great area to get a variety of beach and picturesque shots (Palace of Fine Arts). There's also lots of random people walking around which made for a lot of interesting and fun shots of us as if we were on a date by ourselves.

Joseph is awesome to work with; he's very patient with any questions you might have and also on the photo shoot. He's really prompt and knows his stuff. I would highly recommend Joseph to anyone who is looking for timeless wedding photos.