Hossanah H Review:

"OH MY GOSH! ... You're soooo GOOD!!!! Why do you have to make me smile, laugh and tear during work, I don't know, but Thank you!" Those were the first thoughts, feelings, emotions and reply I had given Joseph when he emailed me a quick slide show of about 80 pictures, or what I called a teaser, of our 1100+ photos from our June 07 wedding.

Joseph's portfolio's amazing and his website speaks for itself. However, what made me, or shall I say us, sign him was that ever single picture was breathtaking and it seemed so timeless. Come to later than see an album, and we were speechless, and add in his photo-journalistic approach, it made choosing him easy. On our wedding, he was very prompt and funny. He got a shot of my husband almost shedding a tear during the ceremony, me losing a veil because I kept sticking my head out of our Rolls, constantly joking around with our bridal party in their convertible Rolls, and to just having with our entire family, he was there to capture every moment. They say a picture says a thousand words, and he got the shot, or shall I say, all the shots; but most importantly, he got my husband and I just being us--this happy, carefree, calm and usually collective couple who just wanted to get married. There are no words that can describe and express that feeling when it's just you and the one you love looking into each others eyes for the very first time as one, but Joseph captured that moment and made time stand still.

When you begin to plan the wedding of your dreams, with every vendor you meet and every contract you sign, you know you found "it" or the "one" and even the "dress" because you just know. Ask our friends, they too, ended up signing him and they loved the end results as well... and like I've told them, have I ever doubted you, especially when it's the biggest day of your life! With Joseph, there was no doubt that we, along with our friends, had chosen the right one.