San Francisco Rooftop Proposal

SF Private Rooftop Proposal

We often receive inquiries about whether we know of a suitable rooftop location for a proposal in San Francisco. Unfortunately, we haven't had permanent access to a rooftop large enough to accommodate such events. While some of our previous clients may have properties with fantastic San Francisco views, they typically prefer not to be inconvenienced by requests to "borrow" their space. Additionally, commercial venues often impose safety restrictions, which further limits our options. Even when access is granted, many rooftops may not have the aesthetic appeal necessary for a picturesque proposal setting.

Finding the ideal rooftop for a proposal can be more challenging than it appears, but with determination and resourcefulness, nothing is impossible. We've even managed to negotiate a special rate for our clients at this particular venue.

1 - Premium Photography Package: $995 on weekdays, $1,095 on weekends. See our main proposal page with a portfolio and packages.

2 - Rooftop Rental: Prices range from as low as $500 to as high as $1,500, depending on the time required by the team to set up the space. The longer the setup time, the more expensive the rental becomes. This venue is a luxurious $5 million property situated in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods.

3 - Decor: Decorating a rooftop of this size can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the amount of flowers and props needed for delivery, assembly, and dismantling after the proposal. Some setups may take up to half a day to complete.

4 - "Marry Me" Sign: This custom sign costs a minimum of $1,000 (more realistically around $1,200) to deliver (requiring a full-size van), assemble, connect to a generator, and dismantle. It's a considerable undertaking, but it adds a truly unique and memorable touch to the proposal.

Based on the costs mentioned in the previous text, let's calculate a realistic total cost for a rooftop proposal in San Francisco:

1 - 1 Hour on site photography Package: $1295. Overime - $500/Hr.

2 - Rooftop Rental: Prices range from $1600 to $3500. This is expesnive property.

3 - Decor: Decorating a rooftop can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

4 - "Marry Me" Sign: This custom sign costs a minimum of $1,200 to $1,600.

For a realistic total cost, let's assume a mid-range cost for each item:

1 - Photography Package: $1,295

2 - Rooftop Rental: $2,000 (mid-range)

3 - Decor: $2,000 (mid-range)

4 - "Marry Me" Sign: $1,100 (mid-range)

Total cost: $1,300 (photography) + $2,000 (rental) + $2,000 (decor) + $1,100 (sign) = $6,400

A realistic total cost for a rooftop proposal in San Francisco would be around $5,400, considering mid-range costs for each item. Keep in mind that the final cost may vary depending on your specific choices and requirements.

This estimate based on working with reputable vendors. Vendors who can adapt to weather conditions, schedule issues, communicate well and work as a team. There are cheaper options for sure but from experience, you may have a lot of headache navigating this with budget vendors. Examples I personally seen more then once. Stuck inntraffic coing from East bay, light not working, petals are old, no weights for decor. Things fly away, and so much more.

Keep it simple?

When faced with the prospect of spending a whopping $5,000 on a rooftop proposal in San Francisco, many people can't help but exclaim, "Whoa, that's a pretty penny!" But fear not! San Francisco is a veritable treasure trove of stunning, picture-perfect locations that won't cost you a dime. That's right - you can save your hard-earned cash and still pull off an unforgettable, swoon-worthy proposal.

With so many iconic landmarks and breathtaking vistas in the city, it is easy to to find that perfect spot for popping the question. So why not take advantage of these public spaces and focus on the heart-fluttering, knee-wobbling experience of asking your significant other to spend a lifetime of laughs and adventures together?

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Got $5K to spare? Okay! Contact us and we will connect you with our network. We don't take any commision unless we personally arrange everything. $500 extra for that but you won't have to speak with anyone else.