Timothy C Review:

Ahhhh yes! Joseph and IQ Photography... What words can be expressed when you are trying to pick a wedding photographer for your big day? How do you do it, what things do you look for in a photographer??... Well, the answer lies in Joseph Kohn.

If you want an idea of what he is able to accomplish with your wedding (no matter where you do it, we chose San Francisco City Hall) go to his website. You will not be able to find a better photographer, who is super easy to get along with, very reasonable rates, and the ability to make your wedding look like it belongs in a book titled, "The Art of Weddings", with your picture on the cover.

Seriously, we were doing our pictures, and the first thing you notice about him is that you don't notice him. We had over 400 pictures taken and my wife and I had a reaction to them that embodied, "Where was he when he took that?, How did he get that picture?" Joseph is amazing, he will dance around you, your family, and come out with those "million dollar shots".

When we were perusing the pictures, we both commented how it had a feel like we belonged in a movie, f*#@&ing amazing!!! If you have found your way to this page and you are reading this review, just call him, email him, and get Joseph to do your wedding photography.

You can not, CAN NOT, go wrong with him. Check out his website, go, do it... After looking at it you will realize he is the only person you want touching a camera at your wedding (sorry grandma!!), So stop reading this, email him, be amazed at his website, then hire him... no regrets fellow weddingers, no regrets...