Audris H Review:

Joseph photographed our September 13th wedding at the Stanford church, and we are so happy and satisfied with the outcome! From the beginning, Joseph has been a pleasant and easy person to work with. He is very professional and talented. We found that his candid shots tell a wonderful story of our wedding day in pictures and some of the photos we received even look like works of art!

We waited 12 years to get married, so getting pictures that would allow us to savor this moment was very important to us. We were very critical of the composition, color, sharpness, and style of the pictures taken by the various studios we visited (we checked out at least 7 and Joseph's portfolio was by far the best). You will get your money's worth if you hire Joseph; he has a great eye for composing a gorgeous shot, and he really knows how to capture the excitement of the day with his camera. This is a skill that we did not necessarily find in the photographers we visited when we examined their portfolios. If you want to see what we're talking about, check out Joseph's IQphoto website and click under Portfolio. The Album and Retouching sections are pretty cool, too. The best part of his website is that it is filled with slideshows of actual weddings he covered, so you get a good idea of the kind and quality of pictures you will get if you book him for your wedding.

After our event, Joseph put together a 4-min slideshow with music containing 57 (out of 800) of his favorite photos he took throughout the day. We absolutely LOVE it and still feel a tremendous amount of joy watching it! The full array of photos from our wedding were also on-line for everyone to see in only 6 days. We shared the slideshow and the rest of the pictures with family and friends that came to the wedding and people that couldn't make it. Here's what they had to say about Joseph's work:

Omigod, that was AWESOME! I actually got goosebumps and teared up at how beautiful and wonderfully done it was! These are the BEST wedding pictures I've ever seen!!! -Florence

Wow! That rocked! Thanks for sharing. Joseph did an excellent job! Best, Steve

I just saw your wedding slideshow and it made me tear up! What a beautiful wedding you had! You are a stunningly beautiful couple with so much happiness that you can truly see in the pictures!!!!! Karin

These are fantastic pictures. What a creative photographer Joseph is! Thanks for sharing them with me. Rev. Joanne

I really love the slideshow! You are absolutely beautiful in them! I love how Joseph chose some black and white photos but highlighted certain colors in them. Btw, two of my closest female friends with whom I shared your slideshow said you are one of the prettiest brides they had ever seen! :) They were amazed at how beautiful the pictures are in addition to how gorgeous the church was. They got teary-eyed viewing the slideshow, too! Alina

SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you for including me on the slideshow list - yours was a perfect wedding for a perfect couple! Mary

This slideshow is fantastic and so beautiful. Some of the church ones were really amazing. Thanks for sharing it with us! Jean and Edmund

Only had the time to take a look now and I must say that it is AWESOME. The pics captured perfectly the exciting atmosphere of that wonderful day and you definitely look like the prettiest bride in California... or the whole US! ;-) Nuno

Your wife, her dress, the church, the scenery, your wedding party - all very beautiful. You look pretty good too. That was a great slideshow, and I loved the music too. I can't wait to show my parents. I'm sure they are very sorry they missed the wedding. Congratulations on the marriage, and all the best. Donna

BEAUTIFUL! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I'm sorry I missed it. You guys look so happy together. Helen

Congratulations Steve! Very impressive slideshow. It looks like we missed a wonderful wedding. The church was almost as beautiful as the bride. I'm very happy for you. Todd

I want you to know that your wedding slideshow is the most beautiful that I have ever seen. Diana


Beyond being the most creative photographer we've ever encountered, Joseph is also a genuinely nice person. Being somewhat new to the area, I wasn't sure where I could find a good make-up artist or florist. I looked at some of the pics on Joseph's website and pointed out some photos where I liked the person's makeup or their wedding flowers and Joseph was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to email some of these people to find out for me who did the work. It was above and beyond his call of duty. Thank you so much Joseph!

We highly recommend Joseph's work without any hesitation. We feel so lucky to have found him to be our photographer and that he was available on our wedding day. He is truly the best and has surpassed our expectations!

Audris and Steven