Irene C Review:

Everything about working with Joseph was fabulous! Communications were prompt and even though we never spoke in person once before the day of the wedding... everything went super smooth without a hitch!

We decided 2 months before our wedding day to get married at San Francisco City Hall. BEST DECISION EVER! Our wedding day was the most relaxed and fun wedding! Me as the bride got to eat all the things that I love without starving and we were able to wing parts of the day, making it a super memorable day! (ANYWAYS ENOUGH ABOUT MY WEDDING DAY... more about Joseph)

We got the Photo and Video Package. This includes Joseph and Alex for two hours. Joseph and Alex showed up on time to the Airbnb home to capture photos of us getting ready, photos in the garden, photos in the living room, in the limo... etc. They both handled my MOH very well. She was being a little more opinionated than we all would have liked and had moments where she was not taking instructions well. They used humor to direct her and the rest of the two hours was led by Joseph.

Joseph's professionalism is much to be praised - many of the men in our group noticed his precision. They can see Joseph working on his timing for every shot, checking for shadows on the ground, people in the background - his eyes darting vigorously to ensure a perfect and intimate shot in a very public forum. You'd look at the photos and think that we were the only ones in the building. He is a well oiled machine. He uses his own body as a tripod! :D You can tell he's worked many City Hall weddings because all the employees there chat with him like an old friend.

I had a blast working with both Joseph and Alex - he's right on his website. I won't ever forget them. They are THAT GOOD. Next time if we have an anniversary event or anything... I would love to work with them again!

We are about to travel for a few months and the husband wanted to get the photos earlier so we can admire them! He had worked with Joseph to make it happen and it happened! The photos are gorgeous!!!! YAY!

Thank you Joseph and Alex... the both of you are amazing!