Maggie C:

I recently got married and found IQ Photos website by chance while researching weddings at City Hall, SF. You will have your wedding pictures for the rest of your lift and they will serve as a reminder of one of the most monumental moments of your life. Your family, friends, co workers, future children, and grandchildren will be looking at them and, through the pictures, will and should be able to feel almost like they shared in that special memory with you.Needless to say, I was looking for someone good.

Joseph was my photographer and by looking at his website, it is obvious that he has a lot experience behind the camera. I'm not going to spend a lot of time commenting on the quality and the artistry because it speaks for itself. I will comment on the things you don't see and don't know off-hand.

I was pleasantly surprised that he has a wonderful personality as well. We were friendly and joking by the time the first set of pics were taken and continued to have a great time throughout the day. He knows how to get the best shots, best locations, best lighting, but he directs you in a way that doesn't make you feel awkward of self-conscious. Let's face it, not all of us have modeling skills. My wedding had a 1940s old Hollywood feel and Joseph was able to capture that style perfectly! You definitely get the feeling without it looking too theatrical. I got my wedding pics back about 8 days after my wedding (which was 2 weeks sooner than I expected them) and lets just say I am hard-pressed to find one I don't like. I want 16x20s of every one of them and I'm going to wallpaper the entire house with them. I actually cried when I saw some of them. He has a great way of capturing the love in people's eyes.

IQ photo was very professional and easy to work with (either by phone or online). Joseph showed up on time. He stayed the entire time we paid for. It was one of the few vendors I worked with who I didn't have to worry about or chase down. I highly recommend them.