Jenny W Review:

When my fiance and I got engaged, my mom offered to buy us engagement photos as her gift. I was initially dismayed, picturing awkwardly posed head shots ("OK, tilt your chin a bit more to the left, shift your shoulders down...") for the newspaper. Groan. I was also feeling overwhelmed with all the wedding planning, people to call, expectations to meet, etc.

So after dragging my feet, I eventually hopped on Yelp to look up SF photographers. Magically, once I quickly found IQPhoto, everything became, well, magical! I was blown away by the engagement pictures, which were so fun-loving and happy. Then I read Joseph's website narrative about his philosophy behind engagement pictures: capturing this special time in the couple's life. And I could see it right there in the pictures! I could feel my stress evaporating as my focus shifted to what a fun, blessed phase of life this is, never mind all the planning!

Next step, what were the chances he would be available later that same week, since both my fiance and I had the day off on Friday? I e-mailed Joseph, and he responded promptly that sure enough, Friday would work. Great! He provided so much helpful info, including what to wear and not, tips on makeup, and directions to our planned meeting spot.

So, the photo shoot itself. I was a little concerned my fiance would have a hard time loosening up in front of the camera. But Joseph set us at ease from the start. He explained that you don't have to be gazing into each others' eyes with sappy smiles the whole time; it's his job to portray your attraction to each other through your movement, facial expressions, etc. He also kept us moving, never longer than a few minutes in any given location. By the end of the two hours, we were about ready to be done, but the whole time was enjoyable, friendly, and easy-going.

Then, the wait for... the pictures! Within two weeks, Joseph e-mailed us the website where we could view all 250 (!) of our pictures. That's a lot of pictures! And it's super-easy, because we can e-mail it with the password and anyone can order prints through the website. I can also download them and reproduce them myself, although whatever we order through Joseph, he'll touch up before printing. I haven't ordered any prints yet, because I can't narrow it down from my top favorite 25! So I can't tell you about prints. But throughout the process, Joseph was so quick and thorough in his e-mail responses, I can't imagine there would be any trouble with the rest.

I can say that I've only shared the pictures with a few people so far, but the responses have been glowing. People have commented that we looked so happy with each other that it brought tears to their eyes. So that's a testament to Joseph's ability to work magic, documenting the beautiful chemistry of Love on film!

Unfortunately we're getting married in Chicago and it was too much to arrange to fly Joseph out, so I'm jealous of anyone who gets to book him as a wedding photographer. He was a delight to work with, and I can imagine that he would set everyone at ease, from the most stressed out bridesmaid to the craziest Aunt and Uncle.

I feel so fortunate to have started out our wedding journey on this note, with Joseph, and I would recommend him as highly as possible to anyone considering his services! A thousand thanks for this precious gift which lasts a lifetime!