Donald C Review:

Let me start off by saying Joseph is a professional. He is courteous, respectful, and most importantly, he understands. He responds to calls/emails right away. He is patient. He provides suggestions when asked. Both my wife and I had consulted with other photographers, and the moment we met with and corresponded with Joseph, we knew he was "the one"

Joseph and his team that day were all professionals. Slava even showed me a dance move that I incorporated into my first dance! Elliot and I shared a love for chamber music. And Mark and my groomsmen shared bonding moments while just taking some fun goofy pictures. The picture I am trying to paint is that when you work with IQphoto, you work with individuals who not only capture your wedding day but enrich the entire experience.

Now let me say something about Joseph. In the midst of the wedding, while we were focused on taking some pictures, there was a moment where we were just joking around looking at a water fountain and all of sudden Joseph had an idea for a shot that was simply genius. It was amazing to see such an artistic and talented individual at work. This story exemplifies what it is like to work with Joseph. In addition to the classic portraits, he gets those "shots" that every bride and groom dreams of - the ones that capture the moment, the emotion, and preserves everything about that memory in a single frame.

IQphoto are more than just photographers. They are our friends. And we look forward to working with them again in the future at any opportunity we can.

Thank you Slava, Mark, Elliot and, most of all Joseph, for helping make our dreams come true.