Fiona J Review:

Joseph did both our engagement and wedding photos. I have only the best things to say about the entire experience and it is with great appreciation that I write this review. Joseph and his crew bring a masterfully artistic touch to their practice that meshes seamlessly with the timeline of the event and your own vision. His direction is most expedient and purposeful, and you can tell he wants you to be comfortable with yourself throughout the process. He and his crew are very attentive and creative in the ways they maximize every opportunity to capture the best of every moment. Joseph sees the big picture but doesn't miss the beautiful details, and he finds ways to capture both. Our photos blended the timeline, the natural settings, the architecture with the personalities of everyone there.

It was the perfect balance of observing from the background and engaging when necessary. Our guests were very comfortable with Joseph and his staff, and it showed in the pictures. Of the thousands of beautiful moments captured I got a great laugh out of the 2 or 3 selfies Joseph took with the guests. You can tell that he takes great joy in his work, and in truth he was an important part of the way in which we will remember our wedding for decades to come. I am very happy that he was there to be a part of it.

We didn't mess around when it came to how we should make the photos available. We put them all out there, and the reception from our friends and family was spectacular. Literally months of feedback about how the pictures were so great. Many of the guests responded to us by saying that the photos taken of them were the best they'd had in a long time.

When the time is right (got a bun in the oven as I write this) we will call upon Joseph and IQphoto again.