Douglas K Review:

I recently hired Joseph to shoot my proposal to my girlfriend of 5 years. Words can't fully describe how amazing the experience has been from start to finish. Folks, if you need someone to capture a moment as precious and (hopefully) one-time as a proposal, Joseph is THE person for the job.

Specifically, Joseph and IQphoto demonstrated their professionalism and expertise through the following:

- I was stressed out over the logistics of the day. Joseph was a thoughtful and patient partner from start to finish. When I realized I had booked our appointment before daylight savings, he was flexible and we moved our time up an hour to capture the golden hour.
- Pricing was never a point of friction. All questions were handled professionally and Joseph did a good job in making the payments easy.
- The quality of the proposal photos is amazing! I opted for unedited photos, and in them you can see the care and attention Joseph put into the composition of each shot.
- Finally, Joseph was flexible and attentive during the actual proposal. There were a couple of curve balls (e.g. unexpected hordes of tourists getting into the frame!), but Joseph was alert and adapted to a changing setting.

All-in-all, I highly recommend Joseph and IQphoto not only because of their skill as photographers, but also for the care they put into making the proposal shoot a truly delightful experience.

Thank you again Joseph!!!!!