City Hall

Helpful articles for couples who are in process of planning a wedding.

San Francisco City Hall

How to get married in San Francisco City Hall

Discover how easy it is to get married at City Hall! We'll guide you through getting a marriage license, picking a spot for your ceremony, and capturing the perfect photos to remember your big day.

SF City Hall - The Grand Staircase

What is so special about SF City Hall's Grand Staircase and why so many love being photographed there. Our Guide.

The Rotunda

Rotunda - a place where 99% of wedding ceremonies will take place. Check out some of our work and read about how to get the best photos there.

SF City Hall Mayor's Balcony

San Francisco City Hall Mayor's balcony weddings - our guide. One of the best photography locations inside the building,

SF City Hall 4th floor gallery weddings

For those who want to take it up a notch, City Hall offers event space reservations for its beautifully lit 4th floor.

County Clerk Office - SF City Hall

Our guide on how to utilize time while registering for a wedding at the County Clerk Office at SF City Hall.

SF City Hall Official Ceremony Vows.

An official text of SF City Hall Civil marriage Ceremony. Duration 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes depending on the officiant. Please review and memorize the sentence you will need to repeat.

What to do if City Hall is crowded

A guide on how to optimize wedding photography coverage on a crowded day at San Francisco City Hall.

Natural Light

A quick guide on how to take advantage of SF City Hall's natural light during all four seasons.

The famous San Francisco City Hall Front Door

The front door of the SF City Hall is probably the 2nd most photographed place in City Hall. Take a look at some tips on taking photos there.

Evening Weddings

This page is dedicated to weddings that take place in the after-hours on weekdays or on weekends at San Francisco City Hall

City Hall 3rd floor hallway and window

The 3rd floor is the quietest location at City Hall and often used for classic portraits in front of an art deco window.

Candids Photos

We believe real moments captured on the wedding day have tremendous value down the road. Here is why.

COVID Alternative wedding locations

Best Hotels to get married before your City Hall Ceremony

Where to get ready before your San Francisco city hall wedding ceremony.

What to do after

A short guide on what to do in San Francisco after the SF City Hall wedding ceremony.

A Lifehacker's Guide for a SF City Hall Wedding

How to get a $1000 space at San Francisco City Hall without paying a single dime! Read our Lifehacker's guide to learn how to get the expensive spot for free.