Jon T Review:

Joseph at IQphoto is truly amazing. He was exceptional in every way.

We had an outdoor wedding planned in the woods of Big Sur. Much to everyone's surprise, rain arrived. We were getting married that day no matter what, and while most photogs would have balked at getting their fancy equipment a little bit wet Joseph saw it as simply making things "romantic." He jumped right in, sans umbrella, and gave us some of the most gorgeous wedding photos we've ever seen. Thankfully the rain subsided after the ceremony so we were able to spend some time taking artistic shots within the surrounding woods and beaches. I think that is where Joseph truly shines, when he has the ability to execute his artistic vision. He has a real vision for many of the shots he takes, so my recommendation is to just let him do his thing and follow his instructions.

Joseph had a great attitude and professional demeanor, and several people at the wedding even remarked how pleasant he was.

He really is exceptional, very fairly priced especially given the quality of his work, and is a true artist that you will be lucky to have if you can get him.