Carmela G Review:

Joseph is an artist. There are no whens, hows or whys about it. He can take the most mundane moment or backdrop and turn it into the most beautiful photo you've ever seen. But of course your wedding isn't mundane - it's the most important day of your life. And not only will Joseph capture all your special moments (and I mean all of them), and make you look good, he will encapsulate them in such a way that everyone who sees your photos is transported to that day. Even if you were there, viewing his photos somehow heighten the whole experience, capturing all the subtle moments you missed and making the ones you remember even lovelier.

But Joseph isn't just an artist - he's a professional, and a super nice guy. He's always on time, always responds quickly, and works with you to find out what you need (and he WILL deliver). He really makes an effort to make sure that you are happy. He accommodated ALL my requests for traditional photos with my family throughout the day and for that I'll be forever grateful. He also sent us the link to the preview slideshow within 4 days after the wedding, and the rest of the pictures the day after that! It was unbelievably hard (and painful) choosing only 120 photos for our album, because each one was truly a work of art. Everyone who's seen our photos have been very impressed with them, even people we didn't know have told us how perfect everything looked.

Our wedding day was a magical day that now only exists in our memories, but thanks to Joseph we have tangible images that we can take with us through the years. He really was worth every penny, and I'm truly thankful that we didn't entrust our day to anyone but him.