Reg T Review:

We are extremely glad to have found IQPhoto for our SF city hall wedding. If you are looking for artistic, and dramatic wedding photos to capture your wedding day then IQPhoto is absolutely the right choice. If this is not enough, read on...

We submitted our inquiry for their service, and started the long email exchange with Marina. I say "long email exchange" because we are busy in the day like most people. We had a lot of questions regarding the IQPhoto service, as we never used a professional photographer. Marina was helpful and patient to answer all of our emails. We also scheduled a conference call to discuss details, and had a great conversation with Joseph.

Days before the big event, we confirmed the appointment, and when we walked into city hall and they found us quickly (I was busy trying to figure out where to go and totally forgot about finding the photographers)...saved again by IQPhoto. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Joseph knew where to go for the wedding registration, what a relief! I already forgot to look for them, was nervous and had thousands of thoughts racing in my head. Joseph was very patient and explained everything that we would be doing at the county clerk's office. We had to wait 30 minutes before our time to be called up to the counter, Joseph realized this and made the most of this delay by taking our photos at city hall...this was a pleasant surprise to see that he would be efficient with the time.

The ceremony, Joseph, placed our guests at locations that captured everyone but focused on us (bride and groom). I didn't realize it when he orchestrated the arrangement, but when I saw the photos, they were perfect, just PERFECT. The photos captured every emotional moment which allows us to relive that special time (isn't this what you would want in a professional photographer?).

City Hall Photos, the photos were spectacular, artistic and creative. He took control, and politely asked other city hall visitors to wait so he could take photos, again, another pleasant surprise which made us feel special. I never thought the natural lighting at city hall would capture such amazing photos, but I believe a lot had to do with Joseph and his keen eye as a professional photographer. Our only mistake that day was not spending more time in city hall with Joseph, sigh, bigger sigh just thinking about this again, sigh, we should have listened to Joseph's recommendations.

Palace of Fine Arts, the photos again captured every essence we dreamed of, the architecture, the garden, and the statues. Joseph gave us suggestion on how to pose, some poses are ones that I wouldn't have imaged to do, but they turned out STUNNING. Trust me, Joseph knows what he is doing with poses.

Crissy field and Golden Gate Bridge, the first thought that came to my mind was, look at the "crowds", lots of people, yikes. Joseph knew how to incorporate the crowds into our photos, and I have to admit I was a bit worried but again, the photos turned out magnificent. He knew exactly how to blend in the crowd, instructed us to wait for larger crowds to pass, dance along a green back ground, take photos against the side of the Warming Hut Café (which by the way turned out to be one of our favorites). Again, we were just overall amazed with the photos from this site.

Reception, yes, we had a long day of photos with Joseph and Ben (the videographer). Joseph took pictures of our reception that will constantly remind us of our dinner reception. Photos of us, our guest, the customized menu, table arrangement, flowers, wedding cake, and views of San Francisco, turned out better than expected, just beautiful. The best photo was when Joseph asked for our wedding rings, I didn't know what he was going to do with them as we were busy with our wedding party, when we saw the picture of our wedding ring embedded in one of the white flowers, we found it to be just truly a work of art that Joseph captured in a photo. Also, Joseph felt like family, he made us laugh through the day, and made us feel at ease from city hall to the reception...what more could you possible ask for in a professional photographer.

There are many photographers out there to select from, what we found is Joseph isn't just a photographer, he is an artist, a photographer with an artistic flair. When you make your final decision of a photographer ask yourself this, do you want a photographer or an artist for your wedding day? The choice wasn't clear in the beginning for us, but it's absolutely clear from our experience. Honestly, you can't go wrong with Joseph or IQPhoto, just email them and/or call them, and get the artist for your wedding day. Also, Ben rocks as the videographer too!