Alternative options for an intimate wedding at the time of COVID19 pandemic

If you are planning on getting married within the next few months and have considered a San Francisco City Hall, you are, no doubt, concerned about the effects of COVID-19 on your wedding. Currently the City Hall is closed and this is certainly a bummer but also a prudent measure in light of the current epidemic. If you want to postpone your wedding, it is totally understandable.

San Francisco City Hall may reopen soon and we expect a high demand for limited Rotunda ceremony options City Hall will offer. We recommend subscribing to our reopening notification list below.

We've reached out to over a 100 venues and created a list of COVID-19 SAFE wedding Venues in San Francisco Bay Area.

Locations below can be good alternatives but have not verified their readiness for weddings.

Shakespeare Garden at Golden Gate Park

Tucked inside one of San Francisco’s most popular attractions, the Golden Gate Park, Shakespeare Garden can accommodate up to 200 guests. Surrounded by foliage and featuring a lovely iron gate, the Garden provides a romantic setting for a couple that loves the outdoors. With a reservation fee of $489 and an hourly fee of $140, this is a pretty affordable venue. The only downside is the gate must remain open, so you may end up with some wedding crashers, but hopefully, people will respect your privacy.

Coit Tower

A San Francisco landmark since 1933, Coit Tower was built with the money left to San Francisco by a wealthy eccentric, Lillie Hitchkok Coit, who wanted to beautify the city. While you cannot get married in the Tower itself, the lawn in front of the Tower and the park surrounding it are perfect for a small ceremony.

Stern Grove

Stern Grove is another hidden gem. Located near SFSU campus it is a perfect place for people who love a green, park atmosphere in the heart of San Francisco.

Fay Park

Not as well known as the Golden Gate Park, Fay Park, nonetheless, is a lovely and serene spot. Once a private property, this tiny park has three terraces, with the top one offering spectacular views of San Francisco Bay. The top terrace, which can accommodate up to 30 people, is where most weddings take place. The maximum capacity of Fay Park is 100 people, but keep in mind that alternative parking arrangements must be made for an event involving more than 50 adults. Also, the Fay House, with the exception of a restroom, is not open to the public.

Hotel Vitale

Not a park person? Hotel Vitale got you covered! A luxury boutique located in the financial district, Hotel Vitale offers a $2,500 elopement package, which covers a couple and up to 12 guests. The package includes a private terrace, champagne toast with local refreshments and a waterfront guest room for the newlyweds.

Muir Woods

Are you willing to venture outside of the City and cross the Golden Gate Bridge? Then, Muir Woods National Monument is your perfect spot. Known for its giant ancient redwoods, Muir Woods is an ideal location for a small wedding or elopement. While you can only bring up to 30 guests and chairs are not allowed, except for disabled guests, the beauty and tranquility of the place make up for these small inconveniences.

Muir Woods

Muir Beach Overlook

If you go only three miles west of Muir Woods, you will stumble upon Muir Beach, a spot favored by locals. Accessible by a 450-foot long pedestrian bridge, Muir Beach features an overlook, which offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, ceremonies at the overlook are not allowed right now, but beach weddings are still an option.

Muir Beach CeremonyMuir Beach Overlook

Berkeley Marina

If you are in the East Bay, you may consider Berkeley Marina for your ceremony. Cesar Chavez Park, which is part of the Marina, has spectacular views of three bridges, Alcatraz and Angel Island. The Marina offers free parking and there is a restaurant near by.

Muir Beach Ceremony
Bride and Groom at Golden Gate Bridge
Amongst Muir Woods Redwoods
Muir Beach Overlook Ceremony
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