Alex E Review:

IQ photography is amazing. After doing much research, searching through online websites, and other wedding albums, my wife and I decided that the most important thing to us was to have incredible photographs that will capture our wedding so that every time we look at them, we can re-live such an amazing night. We loved their uniqueness, creativity and artistic flare.

From the moment my wife and I looked through some of their albums online, we immediately fell in love. We have looked through many many wedding albums and photos and none have EVER compared to IQ.

They captured the most intimate and special moments and thanks to them we can now look back at my photos and remember each moment.

We could not be happier choosing them to capture the biggest day of our lives.
If you are looking for an amazing, hardworking, creative, artistic, and fun-loving photographer, this is the perfect photographer for you. I would HIGHLY recommend IQ.