For the Adventurous at Heart: A Beach Location That's Worth the Journey

This guide is tailored for those who are searching for more than just a convenient proposal spot. If you're someone who values privacy and natural beauty, and doesn't mind investing in a short hike to experience something truly exceptional, then read on. Just 10 minutes from San Francisco, we present to you a beach location that offers all of these qualities, set against a backdrop that rivals Big Sur's iconic vistas.


While accessibility is often a top priority for many, there are unique spots that make the journey part of the experience. This hidden beach location demands a hike but rewards you with views that are nothing short of spectacular, especially during the golden hour of sunset.

The Hiking Element

Be prepared for a moderate hike to get to this extraordinary location. The effort, however, pays off generously with an atmosphere of seclusion and grandeur that transforms a simple proposal into a memorable adventure.

Captivating Views

The visual appeal of this beach is unmatched. As the sun sets, you'll witness a natural spectacle that competes with the landscapes of Big Sur. This setting offers an invaluable backdrop for such a significant event in your life.

Photographic Opportunities

From a photographer's standpoint, the location offers a range of opportunities. While the hike may limit certain equipment, the natural light during sunset ensures that the photographs will capture the essence of the moment perfectly. The seclusion resulting from the hike also guarantees an uninterrupted, private experience.


Though the hike is manageable, proper planning is advised. Wear appropriate footwear and be prepared for a physical journey. The secluded nature of the site means a more limited range of equipment, but the natural setting more than compensates with its aesthetic richness.


For those willing to take the road less traveled, this beach location offers an unrivaled setting for a proposal. The modest hike is a small investment for the seclusion, beauty, and photographic opportunities that await you, just a stone's throw away from San Francisco.

If you're ready to take that meaningful step in an unforgettable setting, we're prepared to capture it professionally.

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